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Ajmer, one of the most visited and famous cities of Rajasthan are a place fully decorated with magnificent temples, majestic forts, serene lakes and beautiful scenery. There are around amazing places to visit in Ajmer which will leave you spellbound with the tourist destinations around. Each the tourist places in Ajmer, has the culture of Rajasthan deep routed in it and it is an absolute delight to roam around and soak in the rich culture of Rajasthan. Some of the top places to visit in Rajasthan are-the Ajmer Sharif Dargah, Tarah fort, Anasagar Lake, Pushkar. The highlight of Rajasthan is that it has a rich history of various dynasties and the people who have ruled the city and so is the amazing tourism location to visit. You surely won’t be disappointed to visit this city and the experiences will leave you completely mesmerized.

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Jaipur, the land of opulent palaces and grandeur architecture is a must visit the city if you plan to visit Rajasthan. One of the main cities of Rajasthan, it has a tremendous variety to offer. The palaces and forts will leave you awestruck and the intricate designs in them will surely take you back to our old and rich Indian culture. What’s more, it’s a very happening hub for shopping and traditional Indian handicrafts.

Udaipur Tour
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Udaipur, one of the most beautiful places in Rajasthan is a must visit place to experience a perfect melange of our rich Indian culture and the gorgeous tourist attractions. Grandeur architecture and the quaint charming lakes serve as a perfect backdrop for the most amazing photography and visual marvels. Some of the must visit places are The City Palace, Lake Pichola , Jag Mandir, Lake Fatehsagar,Bagore ki Haveli,Ambrai Ghat. Each of the locations mentioned above presents a different aura altogether and you will surely enjoy your travel here. One of the highlights of the Udaipur is that it is surrounded by tremendous natural beauty which is a treat itself for your eyes. You will also enjoy the boat rides on the pristine lakes and it will surely make a memorable trip for you.