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Holi is around the corner. How are you celebrating it Have you already made your plans yet! Check out our blog to know how it is celebrated all across India.

The festival of Holi is the most widely celebrated festival all across India. It is the festival where everyone participates young and old alike and is the festival where everywhere comes together to celebrate that occasion.

Holi is traditionally a 2-day festival where it is called asChoti Holi and the main day of Holi.

Nowadays there are a lot more eco-friendly colors options also which are there with which you can celebrate.

It is celebrated in India in the spring season and to celebrate an abundance of the Thanksgiving festival.

The biggest Holi festival is celeratebd in the North, especially in Mathura and Vrindavan. Rajasthan is also a place where Holi is celebrated with much pomp and fanfare.

Traditionally the smearing of colors on one’s faces is carried out and people get-together and drink bhang. A special pooja is also conducted and a fire is lit where people sing and dance all around it.

Mathura and Vrindavan-

If you want to enjoy a festival without any commercialization of it, then definitely this is the one to visit. You will really be soaked in the flavor of this festival and also you will able to enjoy a long procession of the song, dance, and music.

West Bengal-

Holi in West Bengal is filled with all kinds of cultural activities and it is called as Basant Utsav. There are many cultural activities which are held here and the temples of the city conduct important rituals here.

Maharashtra and Gujarat-

In these areas, Holi is celebrated with a mix of a little bit of commercialization and people getting together to celebrate it. People come together and smear the colors on one another.


 It is rare to find Holi celebration with the equal pomp and fanfare in other parts of the country other than the rest of India, but due to globalization, this is slowly decreasing. It is more of a commercial nature with Holi and dance routine and is much of a fanfare.


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