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So you have planned that ultimate trip of yours to Tosh, Himachal Pradesh. But considering it is an area situated in the altitudes, you need to be equipped with well-packed tourism gear so that you make the most of your trip.

The most important things which are included are the booking and the traveling gear which should be taken care of.


The best way to reach Tosh is to take a bus from Delhi to Manali and then on take a road trip to Tosh. Once you being from Manali you have to reach Barsheni and then walk for two hours. You can easily take a cab to reach this and can enjoy the scenic beauty around. If you are an individual traveller, then you can take a bus through online portals and or the Himachal Pradesh website.

Trek in Tosh

You will also find numerous hotels in Tosh right from some budget travel hotels and also semi-luxurious to super luxurious ones. Typically the hotel tariffs start from 1000 to 15,000. However, make sure it is a listed hotel and do not forget to check all the other details also.

Also, for any kind of hotel bookings, you can always rely on us for the customized hotel of your choice.

Things to pack while planning for Tosh-

Please keep in mind to travel light and easy and do not overload your packing while you are planning a trip to Tosh.

Sufficient cash to carry-

You never know when you require cash and so it is always a safe bet to carry sufficient cash with you.


Since you will be hiking up the mountains, it only makes sense to carry a backpack so that the stroll is easier one for you.


You would surely want to capture the scenic beauty around.


A tracksuit is always to carry as it will make hiking safer and easier for you. Also, spare clothes to carry, while the rest of the things are available in the hotel itself.

For a better traveller experience do not forget to talk to a local guide to enjoy first-hand information and try gathering as much as information from the local villages.

We have also included the trekking guides in the packages.

Holiday Hai promotes eco-friendly and sustainable tourism. Our constant endeavor is to equip our tourists with the importance of green tourism and make them aware that as tourists it is their responsibility to take care of the place they are visiting.


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