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If you ever want to experience what peace and tranquility look like then you should surely visit the Buddhist monasteries in India and have an experience at a whole new level. We have listed down some of the best monasteries in India for you.

If you ever wish to see what does a Buddhist monasterylooks like you have to travel to the north-eastern part of the country. They are extremely popular destination owing to the widespread popularity they have as a religious destination and the stunning architecture they are built with.

We list down some of the best monasteries in India

Hemis Monastery, Ladakh

The Hemis Monastery is located in HEMIS; some 44km away from the town of Leh. It is by far the largest monastery in Ladakh and the wealthiest. If you ever want to visit this place then the best time to visit this place is between June and July. The reason for visiting during this time is because the HEMIS festival is held during this time. It is during this time where the entire village gets decked up and the village includes every villager in this festival.

Tawang Monastery, Arunachal Pradesh

Tawang Monastery, Arunachal Pradesh

Tawang Monastery, Arunachal Pradesh

The Tawang Monastery is the largest in INDIA. The birthplace of the sixth Dalai Lama, it is situated by picturesque snow clad mountains. The monastery also boasts of some of the richest and stunning interiors and has beautiful statues of Buddha installed all around. If you want to buy some handcrafted souvenirs then this is the place to buy.

Kye Monastery, Spiti Valley-Himachal Pradesh

Kye Monastery, Spiti Valley-Himachal Pradesh

Kye Monastery, Spiti Valley-Himachal Pradesh

If you want to experience stunning nature along with the best of tranquillity and peace, then is the place to be. This is not your normal monastery, but it is situated above the hill with some of the best temples built everywhere near the same. You will also find some imprints of Chinese influence in the designs in this architecture.

Ghoom Monastery, Darjeeling

Situated in the main Darjeeling town, the Ghoom monastery is a must visit for all tourists. It is also one of the main tourist attractions in Darjeeling. It has a 15 feet high statue in the world and has two huge oil lamps burning throughout the year. There are large imprints of the Tibetan culture here.

Rumtek Monastery, Sikkim

It is the largest monastery in Sikkim and the most visited also. However, it is the most closely guarded monastery in India and the monks take care of the same. During the month of this May and June, the Tibetan new year is celebrated and the monks get together to celebrate it.

Namdrooling Monastery, Coorg

Namdrooling- Monastery-Coorg

Namdrooling Monastery,Coorg

Situated in the sprawling nature of Mysore, it is also the largest Tibetan teaching center in India. Around 5000 monks reside here and it has the main temple which is decorated with beautiful golden deer and a golden bell on either side of it.

Phutkal Monastery, Ladakh

Phutkal Monstery,Ladakh

Phutkal Monastery, Ladakh

This is a bit of a different experience of a monastery, as you will find it a bit of trekking. It is built on a cluster of huts and is truly an experience in altogether. However going here can be much of an issue during the rains as it is situated on a hill. There are imprints of Buddhist art here which you will get to see when you take a visit here.

The Mindrolling Monastery Darjeeling

One of the largest Buddhist abodes of India, it is the much-preferred center for learning Buddhism and the scriptures. Not just the interiors are appealing but also the landscape around it is also very much enchanting. There are also colorful gardens to relax and enjoy some laid back time.

Namgyal Monastery, Dharamshala

Considered to be one of the Holiest monasteries in India, the Namgyal is considered to be the most spiritual of all of them. The Dalai Lama is his disciples have access to the limited interiors of this monastery. There are also special prayers which are carried out in this monastery for the betterment of the Tibetans.

Thiksey Monastery, Ladakh

Situated around 20 km away from the city this Monastery has some of the most brilliant architecture around and is totally worth visiting. On the whole, it looks like a small building of white blocks and looks like a 12 story complex. It also has some of the modern construction around and is one of the most preferred attractions in the area of Ladakh.


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