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Do you want to experience what a spiritual journey looks like? Then you should definitely visit Bodh Gaya,the land of the Buddhist spiritual culture and some of the best sightseeing places

Tucked away in the north-eastern state of Bihar, Bodh Gaya is your ultimate religious sojourn. It is the hometown of Lord Buddha and is blessed with some of the most beautiful Buddhist temples.

It is the birthplace of Buddhism and also registered as the UNESCO World Heritage site.

Mahabodhi temple

Mahabodhi Temple

The Maha-bodhi temple also known as the Mahavira temple is the one of the most important temples of Bodh Gaya. It is listed as the world heritage sites and is dedicated to Lord Buddha.

It is easily accessible by road (taxi) by car, which is also the preferable by most of the tourists. The nearest airport from there is Patna by which the entire town is easily accessible. The literal meaning is the Great Awakening temple.

Pilgrims from all over the world visit there and are a temple of much importance. Bodhgaya is often called as the Navel place of the earth.

The construction of the temple

The temple was constructed by Emperor Asoka and boasts of a 52 mt tall image of a Buddha. It has the Bodhi tree also which together completes the Holy Pilgrimage of the Bodh Gaya.

The architecture of the temple is very eccentric to the temple. It is built considering that time of the period. The temple bears amazing style and the layout of the old times. The railings are made from sandstone and granite.

The older railings have HINDU deities and newer ones have the figures of various stupas on them. The paintings also date back to the Gupta period and so also the architecture of that period.

There are around 4 major temples which are associated with this Mahabodhi temple and it marks the birthplace of Buddhism.

There are some of the important places in the Mahabodhi temple

The Vajarasana

The Vajrasan

It is the place where the Buddha sits. It was built in the 3rd century BC and is made up of red sandstone and is one of the famous tourist destinations here.

The Animesha Lochana

Situated on the north eastern part of the Mahabodhi tree, he had spent the second week in mediation and  has stood motionless for a week under the Bodhi tree.

The Bodhi tree

The Bodhi Tree

One of the next in the must visit list of visiting Bodh Gaya is the Bodhi Tree. It is also called as the tree of awakening. The Bodh Gaya is also called as the peepal tree and is one of the most sacred of all the trees found in India.

The Bodhi day is celebrated on the 8th of December by the Buddhists.It is said that long after 49 days of constant meditation, Gautam Buddha achieved enlightenment. After which he kept seated under the Bodhi tree and in terms of further doing mediation.

What can you see at the Bodhi tree?

The Bodhi is not the same as the one which existed some around years back. However it has a distinct shape of its own and it can be a direct descendent.

You can take a walk around the Jewel Park in and around the Bodhi tree. It has around 19 lotuses surrounding the tree and which is located to the North side of the Bodhi temple.

The Pilgrimage tour

It is also regarded as a pilgrimage tour and has tremendous religious significance. According to some of the Buddhists, the Bodhi tree is the centre of all the religious things in the world and one of the most important symbols also.

The earliest of the pilgrims who visited this Bodhi tree took the seeds of the same tree to plant in the places. You will find that every Buddhist or every tourist plants a Bodhi tree seed in the monastery and is their belief in doing so. The Bodhi tree is specifically for the meditation purposes and people always come here for the mediation purposes.

The History of Buddhism

Nearly 2500 years ago Gautam Buddha was born in Nepal in a very privileged family and soon gave up all his affluence to lead life of peace and tranquillity. However still he did not find peace and calmness.

He finally set foot in the woods to attain peace and finally serve mankind.


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