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The Kumbha Mela is beginning this month in January, on the 15th.One of the mass pilgrimage held in India; it has tremendous significance as a Holy event.

When is the Kumbha Mela held?

The Kumba Mela is held in rotation every three years and it is normally held in Nashik, Haridwar, Allahabad and Ujjain. It has tremendous religious significance as it is people have a Holy dip in the Ganga and is considered to wash off your sins after a bath in the Ganga.

The History and the Significance-

In order to state the significance of the Kumbha Mela, it is particularly difficult to say as to when it was started. It is said that due to the churning of the milk in the ocean the Kumbha Mela began.

The Kumbha Mela is the largest meet of the Hindus and people all over India and also the world come together to experience it. It is considered that washing away all your sins in the Ganga will lead the road to salvation and it will cleanse all your past problems.

The most significant one is the one which is held at Allahabad or Prayag, where there is a confluence of the 3 holiest rivers ever-

The Ganga

The Yamuna

The Saraswati.

People have tremendous faith attached with this festival and hence it is one of the most revered festivals in the Hindu scriptures also.

Which are the main events here for taking a Holy Bath?

  • The Full moon night.
  • The Krishna Amavasya
  • The Shukla Tritiya
  • The Shuka Panchami
  • Ekadashi Snan
  • Pradosh
  • Pournima

These are the specific dates which have been mentioned people normally plan a trip here typically during these days.

Out of the following mentioned days, the full moon day is considered to be the most auspicious one and normally people line on the ghats since very early in the morning so that they can have a wholesome experience altogether.

The practice of lightening the diya during the Kumbha mela is fairly a common one and is considered to be an auspicious one. It is believed that people who come here are blessed with good fortune and have a good health.

Furthermore there are also famous saint groups also which take part. We take a look at some-

The Naga Sadhus

They belong to the group of the tribe which do not wear any clothes and are always smeared in ash. Their typical attribute is that they have long plated hair and they are never affected by the changing climates.


They believe in putting the body through various kinds of different hardships.


They do not speak anything.


They normally stand for 24 hours and meditate for hours.




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