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We all like to travel and explore various places and destinations in the world. But some places and locations hold a special place due to the numerous characteristics the place holds and also due to the special importance is given to them.

Which are the best top 7 TRAVEL destinations in the world?

Paris, France-

The fashion capital of the world is your gate away to delicious food, exquisite couture, and scenic locations. If this is not it then the city’s amazing boulevards, cafes are a must visit.

Some of the top attractions in Paris are-

The Louvre

The Notre Dame

The Eiffel Tower

Do not miss to check out the amazing flea markets.

London, United Kingdom-

Mesmerizing roads and picturesque locations make up for the perfect holiday destination in the world. The major attractions in London are-

The Buckingham Palace.

The Tower of London.

London Eye

British Museum

River Thames

Along with that, you can simply enjoy some mushy and yummy British Food.


Rome, Italy-

Do you want to experience tranquillity along with scenic locations? Then it is Rome all the way for you. It is also named as the Eternal City owing due to a number of reasons. Mesmerizing architecture is also one of the reasons to take a visit to the Eternal city.

Crete, Greece-

Are you seeking sunshine, beaches, and authentic culture? Then it is Crete all the way for you. One of the most different destinations it will offer you something apart from the normal and will surely make an enjoyable trip. You will also get to see the White Mountains which is totally a scenic experience to watch.

Barcelona, Spain-

If you want to experience the wild side of Europe, then you should definitely visit Spain. You will also find some amazing architectural works in this city and you will surely have one ball of a time.

If you ever plan to visit any place make sure you go through our lists so that you end up making the right choice.


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