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Planning to visit Sri Lanka this holiday season? We give you some budget tips on the same.

One of the most spectacular and most famous holiday destinations is Sri Lanka. Normally visited in the month of December, it is well known for its attractive tourist destinations, terraced tea plantations, pristine white sand beaches, and some of the best heritage sites which are a delight to see.

What’s more, it has some of the best and the most beautiful temples, along with the choicest culinary delights, and lots of interesting shopping on the cards.

What is even more delightful is the fact that it can be explored on a budget scale as compared to the other Asian countries as compared to transportation, cost, food, accommodation, and shopping purchases.

SO how can you travel Srilanka on a budget?


  • One of the most famous cities in Srilanka, Colombo has a lot to offer in terms of sightseeing destinations.
  • There are popular landmarks such as Independence Square, Colombo Lighthouse, National Museum and War Memorial.
  • There are also popular restaurants and popular street food eateries also which could be managed on a budget


  • As compared its counterpart Colombo, Kandy is a relatively quaint and a small town as you will enjoy the peace and the tranquillity around here.
  • What not to miss surely is the Tea plantations, the temple of the sacred tooth.
  • If it is possible then the best way to explore Srilanka will be by train which can be a great and a fun way to explore the new things.
  • The Empire cafe is one of the budget travel hotels where you can eat.

The other must do things which can be done in Srilanka are

  • If you are an elephant lover then you should visit the Yalla National Park.
  • Whale Watching in Mirasa-One of the must-watch experiences which you should not certainly miss.
  • Other street food shopping and other souvenir shopping which you should not certainly miss.


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