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So its the trick and treat time of the year!!! Initially celebrated across the Western countries, Halloween has now become a globalized festival and is celebrated all over the world. But do you know where it originally started from?

It’s that time of the year again! It’s time for Halloween! The celebration season begins with Halloween and ends with the Christmas.

But do you know how Halloween came into being?

History of Halloween-

  • The American colonists are responsible for bringing in the initial customs of Halloween to the now modern-day America.
  • Most of them were from England and they celebrated the Samhain back then.
  • It was initially celebrated to recognize the onset of the winter season, as people would lit up fires and dress like ghosts.
  • Eventually, this gave rise to the play parties, where there were private parties hosted and the All Saints Day was celebrate which later on became the Halloween day.

How is Halloween celebrated all across America?

Village Halloween Parade-

  • In Manhattan, there is a Greenwich village procession where people in the costume can travel anywhere between this village.
  • Artists have puppet building workshops, which take place on the Halloween night.

Louisville Zoo Party-

  • The kids here dress up like monkeys and you will find lots of party animals here.
  • The main thing is there will be a lot of artistically dressed up pumpkins for you to see and also a tea-party with a mad hatter to beat it.
  • This will be all in all a not so scary Halloween fete.

Halloween Harvest Festival-

  • This is Southern California’s by far the biggest Halloween festival and the most interesting also.
  • It has an adventure corn maze, hay rides, a haunted trail and also a pumpkin patch.
  • When the sun sets on the woodland hills’ it is a sight to behold and you will get to experience some awesome fun treats.

Crescent City Ghost Tour-

  • This is celebrated in New Orleans and is one of the scariest Halloween experiences of all time.
  • It is all about ghosts, voodoos and vampires.
  • It is also rumored to be that some of the stories are erringly true as claimed by some people.

             Halloween festivals celebrated across AMERICA.

Which is the Halloween capital of the world?

Minnesota is the Halloween capital of the world. The first Halloween celebrations took place there and it eventually spread to the rest of America.

A stroll down the main streets of the place will surely make your day.

Day of the Dead festival-

  • This is celebrated in Houston in a very delightful way from various foods and authentic American dishes being served.
  • There is also an art and crafts festival which takes place and a runaway show is also conducted.

So are you all set for the Halloween festival?



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