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Bangkok is famous for its nightclubs and happening nightlife and the ever popular clubs and discos are a proof of this.We have compiled a list of the most popular night clubs in Thailand,so that you do not forge to visit them when you ever plan a trip to Thailand.

We all know Bangkok as the ultimate travel destination known for its beaches, food, shopping and adrenaline pumping activities. But do you know that Bangkok is also known for its ever happening night life.

Along with being an affordable travel destination it is also famous for a happening night life. Some of the tour packages also include the night tours of Bangkok with a special emphasis on the clubbing scene in Bangkok.

Bangkok has some of the best night clubs which attract patrons from all over the world and is famous for its night life. The fun-loving crowds are one of the most added attractions of the night clubs and make it one of the most premier clubbing destinations.

We have listed down the best night clubs for you-

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  • Famous for electronic dance music

  • It can host around a capacity of more than 2000 patrons and is the Mecca of some of the most happening dance music.

  • The dance floor and the interiors is inspired with European interiors and it is also acclaimed as the best night club in the world.

  • It has the record of maximum international visitors.


  • Huge bass heavy tunes, a big room EDM,and some of the most internationally acclaimed DJ’S makes it a power house of a night club.

  • It has an acoustic sound music and talented dancers in the middle of the dance floor, to entertain you.

Sing Sing Theatre-

  • Has the most creative interior design concept and is bar-cum club where you will find some of the most interesting music.
  • The interiors are scintillating enough; it follows the patterns of feng shui and with vintage outlining.
  • The music played here is covered by all the international artists and also has more of cultural performances.

Levels Club and Lounge-

  • Less in size as compared to the other night clubs, it has a roof top lounge and lot of funky beats to enjoy.
  • It has more of western setting and has neon theme architecture.
  • The drinks and the cocktails are one of the most famous part of this night club.


  • It has some of the best sound system inBangkokand the best place for techno beats.
  • It also has a LED and a laser show which is one of the highlights of the place.
  • The place also has a fun and a friendly vibe and is the best place for a lot of upcoming artists.

If you evervisit Bangkokdo not forge to visit at least one of the night clubs and have the time of your life.


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