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Traveling to Dubai this Diwali? Make sure you read some does and don't so that it is an enjoyable trip

Things to keep in mind before travelling to Dubai.

Travelling to the Middle East can be one of the most interesting and amazing experiences in life. However, whenever you are travelling in some other place, you have to keep in mind the rules and the norms of that place since you are in their land and you should abide by all the rules and procedures.

SO what are the things you should keep in mind while travelling to the Middle East?

The best season is between October and April-

Technically, Dubai has only two seasons, Hot and very hot. The months between October and April are ones where the temperature is cool or saying it is winter. It is also the perfect beach weather to explore and experience Dubai. So book your tickets in advance typically in these months.

Book the flights at least 6 months ahead-

Normally, international airlines release their cheap air fares at least 6 months in advance. While it is understood that it is not possible to book so early, you can at least keep a tab on the airlines prices and so that when the best deal comes, you can instantly book it. If you are in check you can book your flight tickets one month in advance.


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