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Are you an avid traveler and a photo enthusiast? Do you wish to photograph some of the most natural beauty around India.We give you some awesome places


  • A place full of panoramic views and a scenic white landscape, this is surely a photographer’s delight.

  • The icing on the cake will be visiting this place on a full moon night which will typically be a magical experience altogether.

                        Kutch | HolidayHai Tour Package

Valley of Flowers-

  • A beautiful blast of colourful flowers and extremely awesome views is a much photographed place.
  • It is literally a sight to behold and is one of the most amazing experiences.

Havelock Islands-

  • A stunning archipelago of picturesque green and blue hues this literally a jewel on the crown.
  • In case you get tired of the water around, you can photograph the shakes and cafes instead.

                        Havelock Islands | Holidayhai Tour packages

Spiti Valley-

  • Wrapped in the faraway land of the Himachal Pradesh, this valley is all ofmesmerizing views.
  • You will also get to see some awesome Tibetan culture and cuisine.


  • One of the main abode of the Great Indian Tiger, it is also the most photographed on earth.
  • It will also give you an earthy feel of the wildlife and also one of the most awesome place on earth.


  • This one certainly needs no introduction.
  • The most beautiful monument on this planet is also the most photographed one.
  • It is an absolute photographer’s delight to capture the different hues of the monument.


  • For those with an interest in the ruins, there is a lot of scope for Hampi as a photography destination.

  • With huge spectacular rocks, immaculate carvings and rare historic monuments, this one’s a literal spectacle in the photographer’s canvas.


  • Imagine been surrounded by snowy mountains on one side and blue waters on the other?
  • Well, it certainly is a photographer’s delight along with a visual spectacle.
  • The misty atmosphere is very much mesmerizing and you literally soak in the mystic look.


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