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If you are ever traveling to a foreign land, make sure you research some tipping methods as at some places it is absolutely essential to tip, and that if you don't it can be taken as an offense. Read on to know more.

Tipping in a foreign country is a matter of great concern. At some places, it is extremely important, rather very much compulsory to tip while in someplaces it is strictly prohibited.

So how will one rather know that when should one tip and when should not. There are some places in the world for e.g. Canada, Mexico and the United States where it is mandatory to tip as it makes an important part of anemployee’s salary. Plus it goes the same for the hotel staff and the taxi drivers.

Below we give you a list of places on where and how you should tip-

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  • Should be given directly to the server.

  • The bill should be round up and included in the entire total.

  • The process goes the same for taxi drivers,hotel porters, and other staff.


  • The process is the same as the process in Germany.

  • You should round up the entire amount and should be directly be paid.

  • For the taxi driver, there should be at least 10 percent of the bill.

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  • Tipping is quite the norm in Cuba.
  • For the bartender, restaurants and the housekeeping staff, the tip goes for between two to four CUs’S every day.
  • There are also various small bills which should be included.


  • For the housekeeper, driver, or the drinks at the bar, there should be a minimum of one euro of tipping.


  • Tipping is compulsory in hotels but for the taxi drivers, it is optional but preferably does the tipping.

  • Normally it is 10 percent of the total.

  • In bars also, tipping is optional and up to the customer.


  • Here tipping is also called as ‘baksheesh’.

  • Right from the service workers to the porters to the housekeeping staff and drivers, it is mandatory to tip.

  • Normally they are between 5 to 10 Egyptian pounds.







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