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Traveller, are you just travel the globe? Are you missing something within your travel? Food is the essential part of travelling, without food you can't complete your travel.

Which are the best street food cities in the world?

Sidewalk vendors push carts, the smell of the choicest bites and the raw smell of the street food is enough for all the street food lovers to go out and explore.

There are some of the best street foods available all over the world for you to gorge and have fun.


We list down some of those-


The sidewalk vendors are a must part of Bangkok and the city is literally teeming with the same. Also, it is literally a delight to for the people who go out to stroll out at night and the most preferred cuisine is the Pan Thai noodles. The next in line are the chicken wing stew and egg and pork.

Durban, South Africa.

It is probably the Mecca of all the street food and one of the most famous street foods in the world. It’s a unique and different mix of the Zulu, South African and Indian cuisines on the plate. It's probably great to feed on the munchies to feed on.

Istanbul, Turkey-

Along with beautiful locations and scenic grandeur Turkey offers you so much more in terms of food. The most preferred one is the limit which is probably a cross between the bagel and pretzel. The Turkish pizza is also one of the most preferred ones and famous. All the more the Turkish ice-cream is also a famous preferred dish. It also has the best kebab street food.

Paris, France-

The home ground of the fashion industry, it is also home to some of the most amazing foods. Roasted chestnuts are also one of the most preferred food items of the Paris street food and the appearance of the street vendors is simply exhilarating.


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