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As we bid adieu to the most favorite Lord, we take a look at the significance of the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations, and why it is held on such a grandeur scale.

As the 10 days of grandeur and celebration comes to a close, we get ready to bid adieu to our favorite Bappa and welcome him the next year.

It is done especially with much pomp and celebrations especially in Maharashtra where Ganesh Chaturthi is originally celebrated.

So what is exactly the concept of Visarjan?

  • The word Visarjan comes from the Sanskrit language.
  • It normally means a concluding ritual of a puja which is normally done by immersion in the water.
  • The elaborate murties are made up of clay which dissolves when immersed in water and is this is one ritual which is practiced all over.
  • The visarjan is carried out both by public pandals and at home.

                                         Ganpati Visarjan Image | Holidayhai Ganpati Festival

What is the other importance of Visarjan?

  • The Ganesh Visarjan calls for a harmonious balance of teamwork and wherein all the people of all casts and crews come together.
  • It creates a unity and mutual respect for each other.
  • It also tells us the importance that material wealth is temporary and what remains is a person’s belief.

Also, the reason behind using clay and water is that the idol may change the shape but the energy which remains is constant and never changes.

However, nowadays the concept of Ganpati Visarjan is taking a turn all for the different environmental factors have come into consideration and eco-friendly ways are now been taken up.

SO Ganesh Idols are now immersed in artificial ponds which not degrading to the environment.

On a concluding note, the Visarjan is as important as the installation of the idol and is one of the most important rituals of Ganesh celebrations.


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