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Looking for a beach honeymoon destination? Or want to spend some quiet time lazing around the sea air and enjoying the splashing of the waves? Then look no further, its the Andaman and the Nicobar for you.

                 Interesting Facts File Andaman Nicobar

  • The name Andaman and Nicobar originates from the Malay word-for Lord Hanuman.

  • The widely spoken language on the island is Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu.

        Andaman Delights | HolidayHai Special Andaman Tour

  • The largest of the sea turtles are found here.
  • The back of our 20 Rupee note has a picture of the Andamans.
  • The only active volcano in India is found in the Andamans and is situated near Port Blair.
  • Commercial fishing is banned in Andaman


           best Sightseeing In Andaman Nicobar | HolidayHai Andaman Special

  • It is home to a lot of butterflies.
  • You will also find beautiful coral species here.
  • There are a total of around 572 islands in the Andamans and around which only 36 are inhabited.
  • Andaman is the most preferred beach destination for the honeymoon.
  • The tribes of the Andaman do not interact with people.
  • Some of the islands here are completely unexplored.
  • The state animal of the Andamans is the Dugong.


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