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Rajasthan, a land of quintessential royalty is a must visit place if you want to experience what royalty looks like. There will be magnificent forts, palaces, and some delectable Rajasthani cuisine which will make the most memorable part of the trip.

                                  Delights Of Delhi-Agra

If you want to experience our rich cultural heritage and some of the great architectural marvels of India, then a Delhi-Agra trip is the best bet for you. You will experience some of the most authenticroots of Indian culturealong with spectacular sightseeing activities and some of the choicest and yummy street food.

One of the biggest plus points of a Delhi-Agra trip is the amazing road connectivity, which makes traveling a joyous moment and a memorable trip at the same time. The beautiful Yamuna expressway is a direct entry and a perfect connectivity between the two cities. The distance between the 2 cities can be completed within a distance of around 3 hours.

What can you undertake for a Delhi-Agra trip?

You can be your journey from Delhi and then plan a trip Agra onwards.

The must-see tourist spots in Delhi are-

                                   India Gate | Holidayhai Delhi agra Tour Package

The Red Fort- A must visit landmark in Delhi, it is a spectacular destination to visit and almost is the identity of Delhi. It is simply an awe-inspiring architecture marvel at any time of the day and evokes feelings of patriotism in you.

Swami Akshardham temple-Literally an architectural marvel this one is surely not one to miss. It is literally an ode to Indian architecture and culture. The carvings and the designs are intricately made and are one of the most marvelous parts of the Akshardham temple.

If you are squeezed out for time, then we would recommend visiting the India gate and if you are a shopping fanatic then visit Palika bazaar.


The must-see spots in Agra-

                                  Agra Tajmahal | Holidayhai Delhi Agra Tour Package

The very mention of Agra, you can see the most beautiful building in the world and that is the Taj Mahal.

It is a UNESCO world heritage site which was built in the year 1565 and till date stands today as one of the most impressive buildings in the world. You can visit Agra at any time of the day, but it can be especially impressive to see the white marvel in the moonlight and it is simply a breathtaking experience.

The rest of the Agra city has nothing much to offer but you can surely taste the world famous petha, a sweet-savory snack which is famous the world over and is loved by many.


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