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Ajmer, one of the most visited and famous cities of Rajasthan are a place fully decorated with magnificent temples, majestic forts, serene lakes and beautiful scenery. There are around amazing places to visit in Ajmer which will leave you spellbound with the tourist destinations around. Each the tourist places in Ajmer, has the culture of Rajasthan deep routed in it and it is an absolute delight to roam around and soak in the rich culture of Rajasthan. Some of the top places to visit in Rajasthan are-the Ajmer Sharif Dargah, Tarah fort, Anasagar Lake, Pushkar. The highlight of Rajasthan is that it has a rich history of various dynasties and the people who have ruled the city and so is the amazing tourism location to visit. You surely won’t be disappointed to visit this city and the experiences will leave you completely mesmerized.

                                Best Attractions In Ajmer 

Ajmer, one of busiest cities of Rajasthan is also a haven for one of the most famous forts, temples and Muslim worshipping places. The city is a perfect amalgamation of the Hindu and Muslim culture and traditions and also the arts and culture.

It is also well-known for its Jain culture and tradition which makes it even more special for visitors to visit the place. If you want to go on a religious sojourn then must visit places in Ajmer are as follows-

The Ajmer Sharif Dargah

Taragarh Fort

Akbari Fort

Buland Darwaza

Nareli Jain Temple


Prithviraj Smarak Monument

The Dargah Sharif-

One of the most prominent pilgrimage centers in Ajmer, the tomb of the Sufi Saint Chisti is one of the most visited tourist spots. It is also visited by a lot of Bollywood celebrities and famous personalities alike.

                                          Ajmer Sharif Dargh | Holidayhai Ajmer Tour

Khisti was a Sufi saint and has migrated from Russia to devote his entire life to the poor and the oppressed. The structure is opulently built with wide silver door frames on either side. The highlight of this place is the opulent building structures which give it a majestic feel.

Akbar’s palace-

It is an archaeological museum established in the year 1879 and is divided into 3 sections. There are also various sculpture and archaeological sites which you can explore and enjoy. It is situated in the ancient city of Jaipur and is also a close spot from the other tourist locations of the city. The Vidyadhar gardens are also a must visit a site in the museum and one should certainly explore the same.

                                          Akbar's Places | Holidayhai Ajmer Tour

Buland Darwaza

One of the most famous of the Islam designs and also one of the most famous, this Buland Darwaza is made of rich sandstone and pure white marble. It has an impressive entrance with exquisite craftsmanship and art. It also has a central chamber with a dome which also has a unique entrance which is another feature of the striking beauty of the monument.

It is opened daily and is accessible by road. The normal visiting hours are between 5 to 7.


One of the most famous visited cities in Rajasthan, Pushkar also attracts tourists from the world over. It has the evening heritage walk, the morning walk and also the sunset camel safari which are very famous for the sightseeing tours and the heritage walk around Pushkar.

                                              Pushkar | Holidayhai Ajmer Tour Package

Here you will also explore the prominent religions of India while exploring Pushkar and learn a lot about our rich heritage and culture. You can also get a full day sightseeing tour of Pushkar according to your tour plan and avail of some great offers.

Adhai DIN KA Jhopra-

On the outskirts of the Dargah, there is this place called Adhai Din Ka Jhopra, which are the extraordinary ruins of the mosque. According to a legend the construction was just completed in two and a half days and is one of the most famous places in Rajasthan.

It is situated on the Kota road and is accessible by road also. Normally it is visited in the evenings from 4.30 to 8.30.

Rangji Temple-

It is another of the most visited temples in Rajasthan and is believed to a reincarnation of Lord Vishnu. The temple is also known as Shri Vaikunth Nath. The style of the architecture is quite the same in comparison to the Hindu and the Mughal architecture. Also, it has some imprints of the South Indian temple architecture.

The Bird's eye viewpoint-

Want to explore the Entire Ajmer city? Want to experience what does picturesque scenery looks like? Then you should definitely visit the Bird&rsquo's eye viewpoint. You will deeply experience here the beauty of the Aravallis and a breathtaking view of the city. However, it is not just a place for sightseeing but also a place for nature lovers who want to soak in the tranquillity of the city and place. There are not many activities to do here if you are looking for some adventure but only a relaxing place to sit and relax.

Birla city water park-

Enough of temple, shrines and religious places? Then it’s time for you to head to Birla city Water Park. It offers several rides for young children and adults alike. There are also various accommodations. There are also well-appointed services which you can avail of.


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