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Malaysia, a brimming pot of various rich cultures, traditions can certainly leave a visitor awestruck. It has modern history, opulent architecture, a great nightlife, pristine beaches and some really incredible adventurous activities. You will also find some of the best wildlife amusement and national parks along with a lot of amazing activities.

                      Amazing Tourist Places In Malaysia

Planning to visit Malaysia? Then you should certainly do some research for the same so that you are able to see the best of everything. It is a perfect mix of nature and the man-made stunning architectures.

It is also the most preferredtourist destinations and Malaysia has around a million tourists traveling to Malaysia every year. Earlier most of them used to be from the neighboring countries, such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia but the country is attracting tourists all over the world.

We take a look at some of the top Malaysia tourist attractions-

The Manukan Island-

                                       Manukan island | Holidayhai Malasia Tour

It is the secondlargest island in Malaysia and a rich haven for marine life. It is known for its green and blue marine beaches and is the most visited island. You will also find some spectacular coral reefs and also you can undertake activities for scuba diving, snorkeling. The island is accessible by the ferry and you can easily there by the ferry.

Batu Caves-

An awesome natural wonder the Batu Caves are a natural wonder itself. It has some of the most footprints of the Hindu art and is a popular Hindu shrine outside India. You have to climb 272 steps to get to the caves. Monkeys are a very common site when you visit this temple.

The Redang Island-

Are you a beach lover? Then the Redang Island is just the place for you. White sandy beaches and crystal clear water is just the thing for you. You can also indulge in some snorkeling on this beach and enjoy some time. You can stay at a resort on this island. It is also a marine nature reserve and is also one of the most visited islands.

The Bako National Park

                                         bako Natonal Park | Holidayhai Malaysia tourism

It is a very popular destination and a much-loved destination of all the enthusiastic travelers. You can experience the wildlife, the green rainforests, and the tumbling waterfalls. It is the biggest attraction for beaches and the sea stacks. The biggest and the most widespread attraction is the wide nosed monkey which is quite a hit among the travelers.

The North Borneo Railway-

The North Borneo Railway is an old-fashioned train which was set in the 1900’s. It is a steam train which will be a delight for the passengers to board and experience. While riding on this train can be an enthralling experience in itself, you will also experience the old world charm and the beauty of Malaysia. What's more travelers can also enjoy the Asian and Continental cuisine on the train and can enjoy the scenic beauties of the rice paddies? However, if you ever want to experience the train journey, book it well in advance as the trains run only on Wednesday and Saturday.

The Christ Chruch-

TheChrist Church is a landmark place in Melakaand also one of the most beautiful churches in Malaysia. It was built in the 18th century and has a classic Dutch feel to it. The building is well known for its architecture and also the surroundings which give a rich feel to it. Most of the language described is in Portuguese and it also has a Bible stand.

Cameron Highlands

The Cameron Highlands is Malaysia’s mostbeautiful hill stationsand one of the most visited hill stations. It has a population of more than 34,000 people and consists of Chinese, Indians, and Malays. It is the most tranquil spot for relaxing and spending time among the Green lands and in the scenic atmosphere.

Taman Negara

                                       Tamana Negara | Holidayhai Malysia Best Tourist place

The meaning of Taman Negara means a national park. It is one of the oldest tropical rainforests in Malaysia. It is literally a natural treat for the soul with the most beautiful trees, waterfalls and jungle treks to explore. It is also home to some of the wildlife animals and many endangered species.

Petronas Twin Towers

Taking a detour from the natural flora and fauna, we now head to modern Malaysia, where you will be able to see tall and huge skyscrapers buildings and a beautiful skyline of Malaysia. The Petronas is the world’s tallest buildings, who have 88 floors. It is made up of steel and glass and is made of reinforced concrete. It also has a bridge between the 41st and the 42nd floor.

So if you ever plan to visit Malaysia, ensure that it is a perfect mixture of the natural flora and fauna and the modern architecture.


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