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Planning to visit Malaysia? Then you sure have made the right choice, for there is plenty to offer if you ever plan to visit Malaysia. Some of the best places to visit Malaysia are-Langkawi, Cameron Highlands, Tioman Islands, The Taman Negara, Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu.

                      Amazing Sightseeing In Malaysia

Planning to visit Malaysia? Then you should definitely plan in advance to make the best of your trip. It is here that you will find a large variety of sightseeing experiences and a lot of natural flora and fauna. It is the perfect blend of the natural and the man-made.

Malaysia is also blessed with some awesome street food and is a perfect blend of different cultures which you will surely enjoy. Mostly the weather in Malaysia is good to visit any time of the year and which is an added plus point for the tourism activities to take place.

Malaysia is also a well-known travel destination for its bio-diversity and is a rich place with some of the best natural and world heritage sites.

Some of the most sites are-

The Langkawi Sky Bridge

Aquaria KLCC

The Petronas Twin Towers

The Bako National Park

The Kota Kinabalu

You will truly have an Asian experience when you visit Malaysiaand you will also find some world heritage sites also.

So let’s unfold a truly Asian experience.


The MenaraKuala Lumpur tower is a must visit when you go to Malaysia. It is a broadcasting and telecommunication tower situated between Malaysia and is also the highest tower in the city from which you can get an awesome view of the skyline of the city. It is the most famous tourist site in Malaysia and is literally a sight to behold.

                                         menara KL Tower | Holidayhai Malaysia Tour

The Sunway Lagoon theme park-

If you are looking for some adventure while on avisit to Malaysia, then you should surely visit the Sunway Lagoon theme park. Tourists of all age groups can visit here and have a gala time. There are 80 attractions in this theme park and are located in the sprawling area of over 88 acres. There are water amusement, wildlife parks and other different parks in this theme world. The various activities which you can do here are Bungee Jumping, Archery, and Water world and play various different games and indulge in some sports activities.

Georgetown heritage Park.

This place is the capital of Penang and is a modern-day city which is still soaked in its culture. It has a lot of interesting attractions and is one of the most visited towns in Malaysia. The heritage walk is one of the most famous walks in this place which many of the tourists undertake. You can take this walk at any time but mostly it is preferred that you take a walk during the daytime. The entry is free in this park.

Mount Kinabalu.

Mount Kinabalu is the most beautiful mountain in Malaysia and also one of the prestigious landmarks in Malaysia. Also, it is regarded as one of the tallest peaks in Malaysia.

                                     mount kinabalu | Holidayhai Malysia Tour

Also, this place is home to a rich amount of biodiversity and a rich flora and fauna. You can also indulge in some hiking activities. It has around 800 orchards, 600 species. It also has over 100 species and also parks climbing. It is open throughout the year.

China town.

One of the most happening places in Malaysia it is the most visited place for shopping and the arts. If you want to have some of the yummiest food then it is also the best place to visit ever. You will also get to see a HINDU temple also.


Langkawi is the most famous landmark in Malaysia and the most famous honeymoon destinationsalso. Adorned with some of the most pristine beaches and beautiful landscapes, along with picturesque scenery it should be the most on your bucket list to traveling to Malaysia.

                                     Langkawi Malaysia | Holidayhai Malysia Tour

Malaysia offers some of the best tourist attractions and is a very famous travel destination. If you ever plan to visit the beautiful place, plan it well in advance so that you can make the most of your trip. Be it a leisure trip, a honeymoon, a family vacation. There is something in it for everybody and you surely will enjoy the most of your vacation. You can also undertake half day city tours also based on your tour planning and priorities.



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