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Want to begin the start of your new lives on a memorable note? Then head to Malaysia. You will find some of the most amazing luxurious resorts and the most scenic natural beauty around. It will be a great detour from the hustle of your wedding and you surely enjoy some awesome time spent in Malaysia.

Malaysia for Honeymoon is a good idea as this place will offer you the much need relaxation after the hectic wedding preparations and you will simply enjoy it here.

Your memorable Honeymoon Trip In Malaysia

Getting married is the beginning of a wonderful life together. And if you want to make it even more awesome, then you should plan the most special part of yourhoneymoon in the most memorable way ever. It’s the start of your new life together and so it should obviously have an amazing start.

city view malaysia

DO you want to have that peaceful, romantic and tranquil time after all that hustle and bustle of the wedding you have had? Then its time for you to head to Malaysia.

So why should you opt for a honeymoon destination to Malaysia?

The Malaysia Honeymoonpackageoffers you everything under the roof and we are sure it will make your trip an enjoyable one.

  • It is a budget-friendly destination.

  • You can stay in romantic resorts which are a-plenty.

  • You can get to experience an amazing nightlife.

  • Malaysia normally enjoys a pleasant weather all year round.

  • Along with that, you can also indulge in some shopping and some relaxing time with your loved one.

We mention below some of the best Honeymoon places in Malaysia

Tioman Island 

One of the most beautiful islands in Malaysia, it is your perfect getaway honeymoon destination. It is shaped in the form of a dragon and is very well known for its rich blue waters. It has the perfect mixture of green jungles, countless mountain streams, calm beaches and an exotic marine life. It will surely calm your senses for sure. There are various luxury resorts also available and you can reach the island by ferry.

Pulau Langkawi

This island will add a perfect dash of romance to your honeymoon and it will the sweetest memory ever. In relation to the perfect beaches and the awesome rice fields, there will be lush greenery around to enjoy and soak in the atmosphere. You can witness the beauty of the sunset and see the sun going down over the sands. You can also take a cable car to the top of the mountain and enjoy the scenic beauty around.

Sabah: The Land below the wind.

This beautiful place is located along the coastline of the Borneo Island, which is the second largestisland in Malaysia. It has some of the most amazing pristine beaches and some of the myriad adventure sports you can undertake. It boasts of some of the most strikingly awesome locations of Malaysia.

                                            beach view| Holidayhai Malaysia Tour

You can go scuba diving here or can enjoy the sunset among the setting sands. You can also have an awesome experience of trekking through the forest in this place and can enjoy thoroughly. There is also the world’s most amazing zipline island toisland tour which you can experience. You can cruise in the river also along in the wetland Mangrove forest.

Do you need to know any more reasons to spend your Honeymoon in Malaysia?

Well we mention below some of the must visit locations-

The Cameron Highlands

The Cameron Highlands is a much-preferred destination away from the tropical beaches and are a much-needed respite. The hill-station provides a different aura altogether and is the much-preferred destination for couples.

                                         cameron Highlands | Holidayhai Malaysia Tour

There are lush green plantations and walking trails around. You can ask for a romantic walk in the greenery around. It has some of the best resorts in entire Malaysia and it can be quite a romantic experience for you.

You can take a romantic stroll or trek to the top of the mountain when you plan to visit this place.


This place is Malaysia’s historical city and also aUNESCO world heritage site. Although this place has most of history, it can also be a perfect place to spend on your honeymoon. You can do all kind of sightseeing, shopping and relaxing. You can visit the cowboy town at night or the various museums. There are also some of the best eateries out there to explore and enjoy.



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