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Singapore a place with thriving tourism activities it should ultimately be on your travel bucket list. There are customized different plans and itineraries available so that you can decide on your travel plans according to your priorities. There are different travel plans based on your interests and where do you want to exactly travel. So the next time you want to travel to Singapore, have a detailed plan of the same so that you make the most of everything.

                               Amazing Tour At Singapore 

Singapore, a land of mystique, enjoyment, excitement and of course a lot ofamazing food,it will surely leave you spellbound surely.

As soon as you arrive in Singapore, you will actually be spellbound by the Changi airport itself which is one of the mostfamous airports in the world. It is also one of the most beautiful airports in the world. So after initially landing in Singapore, you will be totally be mesmerized by the airport itself.

                                         Amazing Malaysia | Holidayhai Malaysia Tour

Are you looking for really some scenic spots to enjoy your tour in Singapore?

We list down some of them-                                          

Mount Faber-

Mount Faber is a pristine detour from the hustle and bustle of the Singapore cityand the blaring noise of the city. It offers a beautiful panoramic view of Singapore and you will totally immerse yourself in this serene gateway. Also, you can enjoy the beautiful hilltop restaurants and some of the most amazing food while enjoying the nature around.

Hort PARK-

If you want to enjoy nature then this is the ideal place for you to be. You can enjoy some amazing nature walks and let your hair down. You will also get some fantastic scenic view around also.

The Keppel Bay-

Similar to the Marina bay there is a Keppel bay which is an ideal spot for seeing the entire skyline of Singapore. It is also an apt spot for different waterfront activities and spending an idyllic day sipping your coffee around.

The Jurong Bird Park-

                                      jurong bird park | Holidayhai Malaysia Tour Package

A must visit on your bucket list the Jurong Bird Park is a beautiful haven for different birds which will leave you spellbound at the same time. You will witness a visual feast of more than 600 spectacular birds and get enthralled at the same time. This can at the same time be an ideal educational trip also for the kids to learn about different types of birds which reside on this earth. It’s the ideal picnic spot for a visit with the entire family and you will surely enjoy your trip here. It will surely be one of the most scenic places to look out for and tour.

The Raffles Hotel Singapore-

It is one of the largest standing grand hotels in Singapore and is built in the 19th century. The property is a landmark destination and is built with a strategic destination. It is located in the COLONIAL DISTRICT and is one of the famous hotels in Singapore.

The Clarke Bay-

                                         Clark Bay | Holidayhai Malaysia Tour Package

It was one of the hubs of the e-commerce industry. The Clarke Bay is a beautiful waterfront, where you can wine, dine and have some awesome scenic views. You can view historic bridges and scenic landmarks from this here and is one of the best-visited sites here. You can also take a river taxi or a cruise from here and enjoy some of the most scenic views here.

The Merlion Park-

The Merlion park is also another of thepark to be visited around in Singapore. The Merlion is a mythical creature with a head of a lion and the tail of a fish. You can overlook theMarina Bay and is an ideal spot for photo-ops and only for hanging and chilling around.

The Asian Civilizations Museum-

If you have a penchant for colonial architecture and everything ancient and old, then you must visit this place for sure. It was built in the name of Queen Victoria and is also another ofmuch-visited places in Singapore. It showcases stories of faith and belief and plays an important role in telling us about the Chinese culture.

Singapore is a comparatively easy place to explore and also one of the most budget-friendly places. It also has an amazing local sightseeing opportunity and places to explore and observe. Also, you need not spend too much on the hotels. There are luxury hotels, mid-range hotels, budget hotels which will suit you according to your needs and demands. Plan well in advance, if you intend to make the most of your Singapore tour. And so the experience is an enjoyable and a memorable one. Also, do not forget to check in the best of the shopping places to buy from Singapore.



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