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Explore the island country and gather some of the most memorable experiences. Its multicultural ethnicity and different languages and traditions will surely be the most memorable experience and visit some of the best places. It is a land of foodies, shoppers and a lot of fun and frolic around.

 In the Singapore tour package you will enjoy some of the most thrilling adventures around and you surely won’t be disappointed.         

The best places to visit in Singapore.

Planning to visit the island-city Singapore; then you should, of course, be seeing the best of everything that Singapore has. For you surely would not want to miss out the best on that.

Singapore tourism offers some of the best architecture marvels, some amazing food, spectacular buildings, a great network of transportation should be visited at least once in your lifetime. Best known for its fast-paced growth year after year, it is on the way to become a super-power and one of the important places as a financial hub. It is on the way to become a great tourist destination in the years to come.

Singapore attracts visitors & tourists from all over the world and is also the most preferred destination. It is also due to the fact that it has a lot of stringent laws regarding crime and order and also strict traffic rules and regulations. It also has an amazing mixture of beaches, shopping malls and some of the best-added attractions which you will thoroughly enjoy.

However, if you are planning to have a budgeted tour then surely there also various options available also which will help you plan your trip accordingly.

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We list down some of the best places in Singapore-

Gardens by the Bay-

One of the most beautiful places in Singapore, it has turned out to be one of the most important tourist hotspots. It is literally a heavenly place on earth which will leave you in an area of a different tranquillity and aura.

                                     MarinaBay | Holidayhai Malaysia Tour Package

The designs are like a flower-dome shaped tree, which makes it a spectacular sight for the visitors. It is divided into 3 areas which are the central, east and the south. What’s more, there are also some quick bite eateries for you to grab one while you are exploring this beautiful place.

Little India-

One of the most popular eateries and exploring joints in Singapore, this place will put a smile on your face. It has some of the best cafes, shopping malls, and some delectable Arabian cuisine. Little India is actually an Indian community in Singapore, with some of the best shopping options and Hindu temples. You will enjoy here some of the best lip-smacking food from all over the world.

The Universal Studios-

A must on your travel list, this is a great and an adventurous tourist attraction. You can arrange for a fun-filled day complete with some awesome rides, cafes and delicious food. You can visit places such as the Sci-Fi, the Ancient Egypt Zone, the lost world of Dinosaurs and many more. However plan your trip well in advance. There are some thrilling adventure adrenaline-pumping rides.

The Sea Aquarium-

An impressive sea aquarium in Singapore is a must visit experiences the rich aquatic marine life and flora and fauna. This place is home to around 100,000 marine species and some of the most exotic marine life.

                                      Sea Aquarium | Holidayhai Tour Package

You can also visit the Dolphin Island here and also see various kinds of sharks. It will surely give you an extraordinary experience during your visit to Singapore.

The Punggol Waterway Park-

                                          Punggol Waterway Path | Holidayhai Malaysia Tour Package

It is a famous kid-friendly and very family friendlytourist destination. There are beautiful Nature coves which allow the visitors to sit back and relax and enjoy the scenic beauty around. A stroll here will certainly rejuvenate your soul and help you relax. You can also stop by the heritage zone, which is another important tourist destination in Singapore.

Orchard road-

All the shopping aficionados out there!!! Watch out for the Orchard Road. It is a famous halting point for the shopping enthusiasts and also one of the famous shopping zones out here. It has around 22 malls and six new department stores. There is also an IMAX theatre which you can enjoy and snack and watch a movie.

As a Singapore tourist, the must visit places to have the time of your life are

The Sentosa Island.

The Marina Bay

The Changi Museum

The Singapore Zoo

China Town

Botanical Gardens

Singapore Flyer

Singapore tour placesare the perfect amalgamation of the old and the new and everything what it can offer the best.If you are ever planning to visit Singapore, it should definitely be on the top of your destination bucket-list; as it has the best of everything, whether you are looking for adventure, a normal package, an adventure trip, or ahoneymoon package.




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