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Jaipur, the land of opulent palaces and grandeur architecture is a must visit the city if you plan to visit Rajasthan. One of the main cities of Rajasthan, it has a tremendous variety to offer. The palaces and forts will leave you awestruck and the intricate designs in them will surely take you back to our old and rich Indian culture. What’s more, it’s a very happening hub for shopping and traditional Indian handicrafts.

                           Best Places To Visit In Jaipur   

Jaipur one of the most important cities of Rajasthan and also known as the Pink city is a beautiful haven for stunning architecture, opulent palaces and some of the most amazing shopping it can offer. It also boasts of a plethora of strong rulers where you will able to find out about our rich historic culture and Indian history.

                                     Jaipur City | Holidayhai Jaipur Tour Plan

So how can you go about exploring this wonderful city and its rich historic culture?

Some of the most famous visited places in Jaipur areThe Amer Fort, The City Palace, The Jantar Mantar, The Water Palace, The Hawa Mahal, Albert Hall, Birla Temple

Normally Jaipur has a huge and a strong network of roadways and it also offers a lot of Taxi packages to explore around the city. It also has a full day trip to go around the city and the fares are decided upon your desired destinations. Car rentals are also a common norm in the Jaipur and one of the most preferred choices of touring around the city.

Jaipur also has some of the kid-friendly attractions such as The Safari tours and Nature and wildlife tours.

For a short trip to Jaipur you can plan your itinerary as follows You can visit the main tourist attractions in Jaipur such as The Hawa Mahal, Jaipur City Palace, Jantar-Mantar, and shopping.

The Hawa Mahal-

The actual meaning of Hawa Mahal is The Palace of the WINDS. The architecture is way beyond the time and is one of the highlights of the Jaipur. A cool and calm breeze continuously circulates around the palace and is very famous for that. It is also famous for the small windows it has and it makes it look stand out from the rest of the other buildings in the city.

The next is the City Palace of Jaipurwhich is an equally famous destination and thronged by people. Here you will experience royally redefined and will experience the opulent lifestyle of the Maharajas where they once lived. However, photography is strictly prohibited due to the importance of the majestic statue of the Palace.                               

The next visit is the Jantar Mantar. But the highlight of this monument is that it is not your regular building but it is constructed in a very scientific manner. It is also one of the places to study astronomy and one of the most famous monuments all over the world. It is also one of the most recommended monuments in the world. However, if you are not much of a science enthusiast it won’t interest you and so it is better to skip this place altogether.

The Local shopping-

Is any trip complete without any shopping? Certainly not. You can indulge in some awesome street shopping and buy some of the most interesting things and souvenir’s from Jaipur.

Johri Bazaar is considered to be literally a shopper’s paradise and is one of the most sought-after ones for your shopping sprees in Jaipur. You can almost buy anything right from bags, jewelry, shoes, clothes, handicrafts, and other traditional items. Another sought aftermarket is the Bapu Bazar which is quite a famous landmark in Jaipur. Also, you should try the amazing lassi which you get here and it is surely worth trying.

Some of the other jewels in Jaipur-

If you are not much of a shopping person, then there are other travel destinations also to explore in and around Jaipur.

The Jal Mahal-

The Jal Mahal is also one of the famous spots in Jaipur. It is also a treat for photography lovers and the best time to visit is during the evening time. As the colors of the sunset descend down the hues of the sky are captured perfectly and is a sight to behold.

                                     Jaipur Hawa Mahal | Holidayhai Tour plan

Next, if you wish to have the delectable Rajasthani cuisine, then the Thali camp is also one of the most visited in Jaipur. The thali is also a very affordable one with some of the most sumptuous Rajasthani spread and the most delectable cuisine.

The Jaigarh Fort-

The Jaigrah fort is also one of the most famous forts in Jaipur. Next to it is the Nahargarh fort with a spectacular view of the city. It is also a famous Bollywood destination for movie shooting and quite a film has been shot here. It is surrounded by a magnificent pool and it forms one of the highlights of the palace.

The Birla Mandir-

The Birla Mandir is a beautiful temple built, which is also known as the Laxmi Narayan temple. There are neat and intricate carvings on the marble which will surely leave you spellbound. Also, the serenity and the tranquillity around the temple will surely calm your soul.

Nature and Wildlife-

If you are a wildlife lover then Jaipur even has something interesting stored for you. It also has wildlife parks and sanctuaries to visit and enjoy if you are a wildlife lover. You can visit the Leopard Safari Park to have a wildlife experience.

                                                   Nature Of Jaipur | Holidayhai Jaipiur Tour Plan

On a concluding note, if you ever plan to visit this beautiful city decide on the itinerary beforehand and plan your trip well in advance. The forts and the palaces are a must visit tourist attraction and you must not miss it in any case. Touring the forts may take up your time and so it is normally preferred to plan well in advance so that you enjoy the most of your tour.


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