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Get ready to get behold!.....for the most breathtaking flower blooming festival is back. The Neelakurinji festival in Munnar. You will experience the most beautiful natural canvas which will be a treat for your eyes.

Flower Blooming Festival Neelakurinji, Munnar 2018

Nature lovers, photo enthusiasts and all the adventurous folks out there! Gear up! For you are going to witness the most exotic, heavenly and a peaceful phenomenon.
Yes, the wait for twelve years is finally over. For after every twelve years the green hills of Munnar paint the most alluring canvas of deep sea blue colors, which are a natural spectacle to behold and one of the most natural mesmerizing sites. Tiny blue flowers spurt on the mountains, making an endless stretch as long as the eye can see. Your eyes will surely behold a wonderful sight which you will experience perhaps for the first time. 

                                       Munnar Nature | Holidayhai Munnar tour Package
This spectacular phenomenon occurs typically after every 12 years between the periods July 2018 to October 2018. The flower has 40 different types of varieties and blooms in its full grandeur. It is also the busiest time for travel companies as nature enthusiasts’ throng to this part of India. Also, there are various trekking and adventure clubs which arrange for tours for this must-visit destination. Many biologists also visit this place for research and investigation.

                                     Amazing Kerala | Holidayhai Munnar tour Package

The valley literally paints a heavenly picture which you will keep asking for more. What is special about this bloom is that the flowers don’t bloom anywhere else apart from Munnar and so this quaint hill station in South India holds a special importance. The interesting part is, during the offseason their plants remain hidden and most of the times go unnoticed due to the thick vegetation. This particular blooming season is much awaited one by the tourists since there is ample scope for photography which will let you capture some of the most wonderful photos.
Further, there are also nearby attractions such as the Rajamala, Marayoor, Periyar, and Devikulam you can simultaneously visit and make the most of the trip.


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