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Planning your honeymoon destination in Rajasthan? Yes you have made the right choice! The royal palaces will defiantly add a significant charm to your special time of your life giving you a taste of the grandeur and rich Indian culture. Some of the best places to visit Rajasthan are-Umaid Bhavan Palace, The sand dunes of Jaisalmer, Pushkar for a great spiritual connection and of course the Royal forts of Jaipur.


                  Ideal places to visit in Jaipur for Couples

So did you get married recently, thejourney to Jaipur brings you a completely different experience altogether. The pink city offers to rekindle your love with your spouse in serenity. The largest city of Rajasthan welcomes you with royalty. Jaipur tour packages allure you with an enticing experience. The places to visit Jaipur include beautiful forts, along with beautiful restaurants. There are lots of places for couples in Jaipur to enjoy privacy. These places assure you a romantic weekend ahead with the tinge of the aristocracy.

Places to visit for couples:

if you are an art enthusiast, then these few forts will give you a lifetime experience. The grandeur of these fortresses will attract you to visit Jaipur again and again.

Amer Fort:

it is one of the royal fortresses stood in the district of Amer, attracting thousands of tourists each year.The beautiful architecture is made up of red sandstone, plastered with white cement, made it look like white marble art piece. The décor engraved in the marble attracts the travelers for ages. It is one of the most romantic places for the couple to enjoy the view of the hills surrounding the fort.

                                                                   Amer Fort | Holidayhai rajasthan Jaipur Pakage

Jaigarh fort:

this fort is connected with Amer Fort by a tunnel of 2km. This fort has been made by cutting rocks. Like Amer Fort, it is also surrounded by Aravalli hills. Therugged landscape of the fort attracts the touristsa lot. This fort is also known as Victory Fort, due to the presence of the cannon, Jaivana. The tourists can encounter the world’s largest cannon.

                                                                         The Barrel of jaivan Cannon | Holidayhai rajasthan Jaipur Pakage 

                                                             images (1).jpg

Nahargarh Fort:

it is one of a fort located at the edge of Aravallis. This fort was built for retreat purpose for the royal dynasty. This fort has been used by the kings for the hunting purposes. The entire city of Jaipur can be seen from the top of the fort. This fort leads to a baoli which is a famous shooting location for Bollywood movies.

                                            Nahargarh Fort | Holidayhai rajasthan Jaipur Pakage

Hawa Mahal:

it was constructed by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh, for his queens. This architecture has 953 windows called Jharokhas, with beautiful artwork. This pink sandstone made palace had been made for the queens to look after the daily life of the city.

                                                                Hawa Mahal | Holidayhai rajasthan Jaipur Pakage

Jal Mahal:

it is the palace located in the Man Sagar Lake. This place is restricted to be visited by most of the tourists, as it has been undertaken to make a fine dining restaurant.

                                                             Jal Mahal | Holidayhai rajasthan Jaipur Pakage

Romantic places to date

Dinner at Nahargarh fort: if you want to go away from the rush of the city, this beautiful rooftop restaurant gives you the quality time to spend with each other.

                                                                      Romantic places to date | Holidayhai rajasthan Jaipur Pakage

Chowki Dhani :

Do you want to experience ethnic Rajasthani lifestyle? So this place is the ultimate destination for you to experience the royal life. Whether it is camel ride, or elephant ride, or the ethnic cuisines, the trip to this place revives your love life.

                                                        Chowki Dhani | Holidayhai rajasthan Jaipur Pakage

Smriti Van:

this quiet place is an escape for you from the crowded city. The serene and romantic evening brings closeness with your loved ones.

                                                                      Smriti Van | Holidayhai rajasthan Jaipur Pakage

Jawahar Circle:

if you stroll in the city of Jaipur holding the hands of your spouse, this place gives you an experience of romance. Whether it is the snack stalls or the musical fountains, it will give you spend some long hours with your spouse.

Alsisar Haveli:

this royal architecture treats you royally with its beautifully furnished rooms along with antique decorations. If you want a private moment with your partner this is the ultimate place to enjoy.

                                                       alsisar-haveli-jaipur | Holidayhai rajasthan Jaipur Pakage

Other activities in Jaipur:

if you are adventure freak couple, then take a cycling ride along the Nahargarh Fort. The rugged landscape brings a tinge of adventure in your life.

                                                                         adventures tracking | Holidayhai rajasthan Jaipur Pakage

Similarly, if you take the hot air balloon from Amer fort, this gives a wide panoramic view of the pink city. So this hot air balloon travel with your loved ones makes your close moment in the air memorable.

                                                         jaipur-ballooning | Holidayhai rajasthan Jaipur Pakage

You cantravel to Jaipurat any months of the year to experience different kinds of folk festivals of Jaipur. If you want to fly kites with your loved ones, visit the city during the month of January. If you are an ardent lover of literature, their Jaipur literary fest is one of the worth visiting events. On the month of March, Dhulandi Festival and Gangaur Fair have been celebrated by the residents of Jaipur


Shopping in the city:

The pink city is famous for ethnic jewelryand clothes.If you are shopaholic then you have stopped at the right destination. You can pick up traditional jewelry, famous art pieces of marble, potteries, Jootis in Tripolia Bazaar, or Johari Bazaar. If you have a passion for leather products, go to Bapu Bazar for buying these products.

                                                                        Johari Bazaar in Jaipur

Your short stay in the pink city will bring you indelible memories for a lifetime. Whether it is food, or serene atmosphere in the alleys, or pub culture during nights, or the royal treatment in the havelis, this will bring memories to a lifetime experience.





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