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Dubai is the most populous city in the Middle East. Situated on the Persian Gulf, it is known to the world, for trade and commerce. But modern Dubai has more to offer to the world. Dubai Tourism offers exciting holidays; full of activities with some breathtaking views of nature. Relax in the spa or spend family time on the beaches Dubai Tourism has everything on a single platter.

                                     Dubai The Dreamland

With a mesmerizing coastline on one side and desert on the other, Dubai tourismhas entertainment for all, young and old, single or couple and even kids. In Dubai, one can have experience of the desert as well as the comfort of a modern city. The main attraction of the city is the tallest tower of Burj Khalifa with its fountain and exclusive shopping mall. Dubai gives an experience of shopping as well as adventure and beautiful views.

                                                                                         burj Khalifa | Holidayhai Dubai tour

                                                                                                       Burj Khalifa

Sightseeing in Dubai

The most beautiful place to visit around Dubai is Palm Island. It is the first man-made island in the world. A tunnel runs through the bottom of the sea which connects the Palm Island to the mainland of Dubai. Dubai Tourism has facilities for Bus and taxi communication to the island.

                                                               Arial View of Palm Island | Holidayhai Dubai Tour

                                                                                         Arial View of Palm Island


The majestic hotel Atlantis, The Palm, provides a breathtaking view of the beautiful sunset. Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah the third tallest hotel in the world, which has its ground floor under water and a helipad near the roof, stands right in the sea by the white beach of Jumeirah.

                              Hotel Atlantis, the Palm | Holidayhai Dubai Tour

                                                                                           Hotel Atlantis, the Palm

Dubai tourism has arrangements of Zodiac boat Cruise which is high-speed boat cruise in the sea and offers a view of Hotel Jumeirah and Al Arab Jumeirah from the sea.

                                                                   Zodiac boat cruise | Holidayhai Dubai Tour

                                                                                            Zodiac boat cruise

Spread over 10 hectares the, Al Qudra Lake is a man-made lake in the middle of the Saih Al Salam Desert.  It is the home to more than one hundred species of birds. Migratory birds fly during the winter.  Swan Lake near the Al Qudra Lake is the home of many released exotic bird species.

Activities in an around Dubai

Dubai being the chief trading center, it has products coming from Asia, Europe, and Africa. Tourists can go shopping in Souks, which are a local market of spices, jewelry, fabrics and other items. The Middle East is famous for spices,so tourists can get the flavor of spices from around the world.  Dubai Gold Souk is a place of wonder as pure gold jewelry is on display. Tourists can also get international brands of clothes, furniture, and artifacts at Dubai Mall and Mall of Emirates. From Iranian Carpets to Belgium glass wares, Kashmir shawls, Turkish lanterns, shopping in Dubai is an experience.

Dubai has some of the best Marine Aquarium and its worth a visit.One can get a real feeling underwater with Sharks and multicolored marine fishes swimming over the head. Tourists are allowed to get the view of the underwater through a glass tunnel.

                                                                 Dubai Marine Aquarium | Holidayhai Dubai Tour

                                                                                      Dubai Marine Aquarium


Live the epic tunnel” as theIMG World of Adventure park reads,is a theme based indoor park. With its roller coaster rides and thrill rides its one of the best amusement parks for kids The other attractionsare popular Cartoon Network characters, Marvel Super Heroes, and animatronic dinosaurs.


Burj Khalifa, the tallest At the Top is an observation deck on the 124th floor and the highest deck is Sky level on the 148th floor 360-degree view of the city of Dubai. The sunset can be seen for a long time from the top even after darkness has set on the ground below. Base jumping is allowed with special permission from the government officials. The fountain show at the base of the tower in the evening is a must-see event.


                                                                    Fountain Show at Burj Khalifa | Holidayhai Dubai tour

                                                                                 Fountain Show at Burj Khalifa

                                                                      Theme garden in Dubai | Holidayhai Dubai tour

                                                                                        Theme garden in Dubai

Dubai tourism offers, one of the most adventurous attractions in Dubaiin the form of sand dune bashing right in the middle of the Arabian Desert.

                                                                            Arabian Desert | Holidayhai Dubai Tour

How to reach Dubai?

Dubai International Airport is connected by flights from all major cities of the world. The city is well connected by Metro rail, MonoRail. Dubai Bus service under Dubai Tourism department is also available.

When to visit Dubai?

Temperature is around 33 degrees Celsius all through the year. Best time to visit is winter, however, Dubai Tourism offers package tours during summer months.

Where to stay?

Dubai has a number of budget hotels as well as luxurious hotels.


Dubai tourism offers a comprehensive holiday for tourists around the year. Sitting in the middle of Arabian Desert, Dubai is a place which offers adventure, shopping facilities and flavors from all across the globe. Tourists can soak in the evening sun and swim in the deep blue sea or just spend a lazy holiday on the white sand beaches. Dubai tripwill surely make a holiday memorable.



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