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Experience tranquillity at its best only in Kerala. Palm-trees lined roads along with a rustic and traditional feel of India. It is the best to give you a change from your routine life and uplift your mood. Some of the must visit places in Kerala are Periyar,Thekkady, Vembanad, Munnar.

                              Best Tourist Spot In Kerala

Travel industry in last decade has boomed a lot. Due to the availability ofgood transport system,this planet has become a very small place for everyone. In 2014 there was a flight schedule of 37.4 million. Thousand and millions of people travel around the world every day. This planet is a very beautiful place to live.

Indian subcontinent holds over a billion people on its land. This country holds one of the oldest civilizations in human history. It truly holds a lot of cultures, cuisine, languages and many more. Hindi is one of the most spoken languages in this country. India gains around 9% of its GDP from travel and tourism. There is a record of over 10 million tourists coming to this subcontinent.

This country holds 29 states Kerala being one of them. 34.8 million People live in this state. The average life expectancy of this place is 74.9 years. This place has one of the highest numbers of educated people.


                                               Beauty Of Kerala | Holidayhai Best Spot in kerala

The official state language of this place is Malayalam however; youngsters can understand the Hindi and English language very well. It holds one of the most exclusive and exciting places to visit all over India. Here are some of the best places to visit in Kerala Kochi, Alappuzha, Kovalam, Kozhikode and many more. These places have a very less pollution, sometimes during the evening, the air feels like a cotton candy. The smell of earth can really be felt in this place. The food is very pure and natural; the taste of water is divine. This place’s people are very down to the earth every person looks so happy and joyful. Roads are rusty but they have a different feel to it if someone travels through those roads they can feel the road. Most number of people is very spiritual this state also holds some of the world’s most fun games. These games are very old and have a different feel. Some of these games could be included in the Olympics for example, Ashtapada, some might say it is even older than the chess. Games likepallanguzhioraligulimane,pittugaramor seven stone can be very engaging in nature.

This place has one of the very stable climates in the world. Due to the presence of eastern ghat andwestern ghat mountain range this place’s temperature does not fluctuate much. The soil of this place is very fertile the farmers most of the time can be found using thousands of years old techniques to grow crops. Very less amount of fertilizers are used in this place. Cow and ox are very spiritual, different types of animals can be found in this place the wildlife is very much flourishing. The Bandipur national park is one of India’s largest parks.

There are many places that are a“must visit place”in Kerela for example, Kottayam, Vembanad, Eravikulam national park,kumlyand many more.One can never get enough of these places it is very hard to become satisfactory after first or second visits. The purity of Mother Nature, the beauty of Mother Nature, even if a person spends his or her entire life in that place they will never get satisfied. Kerala has so much to offer for all kinds, cultural, shapes, and sizes of people. Not only have the people from outer country visited this place local people also take a vacation in such places. The legendary waterways of Kerala are very beautiful, relaxing and some might say very divinely.

There are a lot of modes of transport system available in this place starting from planes to the local Rikswas.  But the most famous mode of transport in the state of Kerala is a boat. Although there is only a specific place where this is available the people sometimes come to Kerala just to visit these waterways. Places like Kottayam, Alappuzha are very much famous for its waterways.

                                       waterways In Kerala | Holidayhai tour package for best spot kerala

Kerala is spread at around 38863 kilometers square. Though most of the state’s temperature stays the same there are some places which have a very low temperature. Examples are, ponmudi,ranipuram and many more. The temperature in these places stays very low due to its geographical location. This place provides a wide range of hospitality the legendary oil and herbal massage is very much quite famous in almost every tourist. The hotels in Kerala provides many high-quality luxury services the likes of which cannot be found anywhere in the planet. The culture in Kerala is very decent and relaxing the happiness and joy of common people the helpful nature that they have says a lot about their culture. Its rich heritage provides a lot of good qualities to its people.



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