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Want to experience authentic Arabian dream? Yes, Dubai’s the place for you. Some of the top visit places Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Desert Safari, Full Day tour Abu Dabi, Palm Jumeirah.

                           Amazing Places to Visit in Dubai

Each traveler has Dubai in his bucket list due to the extravagance of the destination. The king of Desert allows you to go through the alleys of both contemporary architecture and old settlement of merchants. You get a complete blend of multiculturalism in Dubai tourism. The uniqueness of the city adds a tinge inDubai tourism packages. Mostly the desert safari in Dubai and the skyscrapers are the major attractionsfor the travel enthusiasts. However, Dubai has other attractions too, which causes it famous among the travelers. The exotic destinations of Dubai attract the tourists to visit this place repeatedly.

Places to visit in Dubai  

Burj Khalifa:

The tallest tower in the world allures the tourists to visit the gulf. This 124th-floor tower has an observation deck, which makes the tourists alienate from the crowd of the city. The top view from the deck always makes the city looked more enchanting.

                                     Burj Khalifa | Holidayhai Dubai Best places Tour Package

Dubai Creek:

A stretch ofwater body separates the land of Deira in the north and Bur Dubai in the south.This water pass is used for the trade purposes, with 4000 years aged small villages alongside the creek. To take a voyage across the creek, it needs to take Dhow, which is used as the tourist's ferry between the two points.

                                                            Dubai Creek | Holidayhai Dubai Tour

Dubai Museum:

This museum is located in the Al-Fahidi Fort, built in 1786. This place is constructed with mud, plasters, and palm fronds used to be the habitat for the ruling family and site of governance. The fort has been conserved and now served as thefamous museum. The museum exhibits the life and culture of Emirati to the tourists.

Palm Islands:

The artificial islands of Palm Jumeirah and Palm Jebel Aliare the major attractions for the tourists to visit theseislands.The palm tree-shaped islands offer the tourist to experience skydiving. One can easily get a top view of the islands from Burj Khalifa’s observation deck. The islands offer an opportunity for the travelers to take surfing, sunbathing or kite surfing. If one has wished to take a voyage to the island, the speedboat is there to give you that tour to the island.

                                                 Palm Islands Skydiving | Holidayhai Dubai Best places Tour Package

Exotic Hotels:

Whether it isPalmHotelor Burj Al Arab, your Dubai tour remains incomplete without staying a luxurious night in these hotels. This luxurious treatment to own self-gives you bliss in your short stay in Dubai. Not only luxurious suites of these hotels, but you can enjoy the bar and restaurants in these hotels, as it treats you royally.

Dubai Marina:

This famous man-made marina attracts the tourists due to its famous eateries of various delicacies. Whether it is the famous shopping zone or eating joints, the tourists can enjoy such condominium architecture. This urban settlement of the marina has given enthralling experience to the tourists.

Desert Safari:

The golden sands of the city tempt you to stay for a day for experiencing the ethnic culture of Emiratis of the gulf. The safari takes you to various destinations in the desert which are considered to be the famous photo shoot zones. The travel has to take a safari for a day tour to the desert ends with the enchanting barbeque dinner under the sky full of stars accompanied by famous Arabic Shisha. If you are taking the desert safari, you cannot miss enchanting belly dancing of the desert.

                                                       Desert Safari Car Drive | Holidayhai Dubai Best places Tour Package

Dubai Aquarium:

The underwater tunnel gives you an amazing tour of endangered species, and introduce to the completely different aquatic world, with the exhibition of exotic geographical territories.

Cultural artifacts of Dubai:

Mostly the people of Dubai followIslam as their religion, but it shows themulticulturalism in the gulf because it is the hub of various people coming together for the purpose of trade. If you are traveling to Dubai, you will be warmly welcomed by the residents of the gulfs with a cup of their special tea.

Shopping spirit:

If you are a shopaholic, then Deira is the place where you get the varied collections of spices as well as world famous gold from Gold Souk. Whether it is the embroidery work on a piece of cloth or beautiful wooden art piece, you can carry those souvenirs as the token of love for your close ones.


If you want to travel smartly around the city, then you can avail tram, bus, metros, and taxis. The government of Dubai has taken initiative to make the city well connected with the water bodies with water taxis or Abrams(traveling along the creek only). This smart modern mode of transport is one of the attractions of Dubai tourism.

                                                                     Transportation in Dubai | Holidayhai best Tour For Dubai

The climate in Dubai:

As located in the subtropical zone so the temperature is comparatively high with humid temperature. The average temperature is around 19.5 Celsius to 37 Celsius. Due to such warm temperature, usually, the city has warm winters with no rainfall during summers.







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