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snow-capped mountains make for a perfect vacation haven. Every place here paints a beautiful landscape making a visual treat for your eyes. The gushing waterfalls, the lush greenery around and the cool mountain air are sure to re-liven your spirits. Some of the must-visit places are-the various Tibetan monasteries, Vashisht hot springs, Nehru Kund, Solang Valley, Rahala waterfalls.


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Tourism refers to traveling to different places for a different purpose. Tourism contributes to the growth of the economy. The hospitality industry is interlinked with the tourism industry. There are many tourist places in India, which is worth traveling.Hill station, sea beaches, architectural, forest, religious places, and cities. Each season has its own travel destination.  

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If you are reaching for a tourist destination, then Manali should definitely your first preference. It is located in the Kullu, Shimla. Manali is the most popular destination among all. Manali is best known for the adventure tour. They provide all sorts of adventure in trips like trekking, rafting, paragliding, skiing, and others. The peak season to visit Manali is in the summer season. There are many places to visit in Manaliand among all this are the famous tourist attractions: Hidimba Devi Temple, this temple is also known as Dhoogri temple,the temple is dedicated to goddess Hadimba who was the wife of five Pandavas. It is located in the forest on top of a hill. Solang has a beautiful view of the scenery and mountains.  Rohtang Pass is best for the adventure trip in Manali. Generally, most of the people enjoy this part of the Manali by theroad trip. Bhrigu Lake, Pandoh Dam, Manali Sanctuary, Beas River, Hamta Pass and Great Himalayan National Park. Each place has their own specialty.  

This is place is highly appreciated for its climate. Manali has a pleasant weather. In winter season and summer season, the climate of Manali is cold. The temperature in Manali is generally ranged from 4 degree Celsius to 26 degree Celsius and the snow falls in the month of December. The most preferred month to visit Manali is in between May to Octoberbecause this month, the snow will melt and the people can enjoy the adventure trip smoothly. Most people go to visit Manali in the month of May that is why it is the peak season in this month. Those who want to enjoy the snowfall in Manali, they can visit in the month of December.

The buses and autos are always available but the best way to explore Manali is on the bike, they have the bike hiring system in Manaliand that is very affordable. People who go to visit Manali and who seek an adventure they rent a bike and explore the road trip and those who are not comfortable with the bikes they can take the buses and autos. People who go to visit Manali, they hire a cab to explore the place because renting the vehicle is more convenient than using public transport.

Manali has a fair environment, it always welcomes the people of outside to visit the place. Political scenario of Manali is stable and the government of India is investing more in tourism for the development of the economy. The resources are easily available in Manali and theprices are reasonable.The economic condition of Manali is fair and the resources which are available are affordable.                                                                        Beauty Of Manali | Holidayhai Manali Tour Package

                                                                                              Beauty Of Manali

Manali is a tourist destination, so there is a wide option for accommodation like Hotels, guesthouse, resorts, cottages, and others. People those who come for a trip to Manalican choose the accommodation as accordingly their budget.

Manali has a different culture and rituals. The people of Manali are so talented in making traditional art and craft from ancient times. After the development of the state, they did not forget to follow the cultural traits and ritual. In other words, growth in industrialization did not affect their culture and beliefs. Manali has its own folk song, which is enchanting and melodious. They have their own variety of foods which have a traditional flavor in it.

Therefore, Manali attracts people on theiradventure trip and the beauty of nature. It is the perfect destination for a honeymoon,adventure trip with a group of friends and others.


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