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A brimming pot of multi-cultures, Malaysia will offer the best in your holiday destination. It is every tourist’s delight with its stunning architecture, the most happening night-life, calm beaches and off-course some delicious Asian cuisine. Malaysia will take you on a whole new level of adrenaline rush and will make one of the most memorable vacation destinations for you.

                                Malaysia Best Tour Ever

If you are wanderlust then Malaysia is the ultimate placeto go on this vacation. Thisland of multiculturalism will attract you because it gives you the flavor of diversities in architecture, natural landforms, foods, art, and performances. Holiday packages in Malaysia come under your affordability, for both couples as well as backpackers. Therefore, you want to go on a leisure trip, or luxury trip, this place is the first choice of your kind.

Beautiful beaches -

If you are a beach lover, and if you take this vacation for leisure purpose so Salang, Juara, Perhentian Besar, are some worth mentioning places. So Tioman islands are yourholiday destination for its natural beautywith the wide stretch ofblue sea. This islandwill give you nesting ground for sea turtles. If you want to spend time on solitude, this beach vacation gives you relaxation. You are adventure sports lover, so it provides you the best diving sites. Apart from Tioman, Sipidan, or Redang will give you an experience of underwater diving giving chances to visit the world of flora and fauna.

                                         Beautiful beaches | Holidayhai Malaysia Tour

Trekking and hiking -

You have an ardent passion for adventure sports, this is the place of your dreams. Malaysia will never consider that the country has wide varieties of hiking locations. Sarawak Chamber comes under UNESCO heritage sites. To reach gorgeous caves like Benarat or Wind one has to undertake different natural landforms of varying altitudes. This hiking will give a lifetime experience. Clearwater cave is one of the worth mentioning cave with parts of theunderground water system. Therefore, a traveler can experience a rain forest trekking through these beautiful natural landforms. Climbing Kinabalu gives you visual pleasure due to its natural vegetations.

                                                       Trekking and hiking In Malaysia | Holidayhai Malaysia Tour

Contemporary design in construction -

Skyscrapers of the country will give an immense idea of altitude, and one can see an urban settlement along with the rich cultural values. The scenic beauty of twin towers in Kuala Lumpur will give skyline view of the cityscape.

                                                                         Contemporary design in construction Malaysia |Holidayhai Malaysia Tour

Wildlife safari - 

A trip to the animal reservesor national zoo, you can see the habitat of outlandish species like pangolin, lesser mousedeer, lemur, gaur, and many more. So you can explore the beauty of wildlife in jungles of Malaysia.

                                                                         Wildlife safari Malaysia | Holidayhai Malaysia Tour

Art, culture, and Architecture -

For the art lover, Malaysia is a complete treat to your artistic self.Being a land of multicultural people, the land shows the varied architectural forms. You can travel time through the colonial structure of the church, fortress, and town hall, as well as the modern street art in Penang, or cultural fragments in Malacca. The largest Buddhist statue of Kuan Yin at Penang is a visual retreat for each traveler.  As it is the habitat for Indians, Chinese, Sri-Lankans, the country shows a blend of ethnicities. The country shows tolerance to each religion, and each festival has been celebrated whole-heartedly in the land of diversity, whether it is Holi, or Ramadan, or Chinese New Year keeping harmony across the country. Not only urban settlement, tourist can expose to Iban tribe who is famous as a warring tribe for ages.

                                           Art , culture and Architecture Malaysia | Holidayhai Malaysia Tour


Culinary Experience -

Due to the land of multilingualism and culture, this is a hub of different kinds of foods of all flavors. Whether the local dishes like nasi lemak, nasi dagang, or nasi kandar are there to satisfy your taste buds along with Nyonya lunch or Korean delicacies gives you the wide culinary culture of South East Asia.

                                                                   Culinary Malaysia |Holidayhai Malaysia Tour

Shopping within your pocket pinch -

This land shows the mingling ofIndonesian and Balinese fusion in batik print, or with excellent embroidery work with Malay and Chinese motifs can be your wardrobe collection due to their fusion art.

Adventure Sport in Malaysia -

If you arethrilled to experience the speed of life, then Malaysian Grand Prix in March gives you that stimulus of pace in the racing circuit of Sepang. So whether it is F1 Grand Prix, or skydiving, paragliding, bungee jumping, parasailing Malaysia will entice your adrenaline rush by providing wide options for adventure seekers.  

                                                Skydiving Malaysia| Holidayhai Malaysia Tour




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