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Surrounded by volcanic mountains, pristine beaches, and beautiful coral reefs, Bali is every tourist’s dream come true. The enchanting temples are the icing on the cake and you surely won’t be disappointed. So you know the next time when you want to visit your dream destination it is Bali

                                 Visit Bali, God Of Nature

Bali is one of the most mesmerizing places to travel in Indonesia. Among thousands of islands in Indonesia, for the purpose of tourism, Bali stands out the best for it spectral beauty. This land gives you an enchanting experience of exotic beaches with spirituality.

Travel to Bali gives you encounter beautiful geographical landforms varying from beaches to mountains with the tinge of perfect nightlife. Foradventure lovers, this tropical land is excellent for exploring. This place not only gives you the experience of beautiful travel diaries but also the magnificent cuisine of South East Asia. The Bali tour package for couples on their honeymoon is a perfect idea to spend some of the most romantic moments together and make awesome travel memories.

Reasons to Visit Bali  

Beautiful terrain with alluring beaches should be your obvious cause to travel to Bali. This beautiful island shows the mixture of black and white sand along with the enchanting blue water. The islands of Bali stretches Kuta to extravagant Nusa Dua, so this wide ranges of islands give the tourists to travel according to their desires.

Bali Holiday Packages is a perfect mixture of what you would simply like to enjoy on your holiday trip. It has adventure, spa therapy, yoga sessions, and also some of the most lip-smacking gourmet food.

The beach life has extended into exclusive water sports, which will be an exciting activity for the adventure lovers. The travelers2 who have an ardent love for sun surfing and sand under the bright sun, this exotic land is an ideal place to travel.

                                   Beauty Of nature Bali | Holidayhai Bali Tour

Land of Spirituality

The traditional temple architecture is one of the iconic features of the Bali culture. The famous Besakih templeis considered as “mother temple” located in the Mount Agung. The travel to these spiritual places is quite celebrated among the tourists due to its aesthetics and cultural values.

                                                         Bali Temple | Holidayhai Bali Tour


In Balinese script, Pura means the temple, and most of the architectural structure has located in the mountainous region which adds mystic value to the structure. The temple-like Pura Penataran Agung Lempuyang, Pura Ulun Danu Bratan or Gunung Kawi are worth to visit as tourist locations.

Natural beauty with a touch of adventure

There are all kind of things to do in Bali. Get your adrenaline adventure streak out in you.Whether it is cliff jumping or surfing, or water sliding from the waterfall, or any kind of water sports activities is quite common for the Bali travel package. Apart from stunning beaches and spiritual temples, this land shows an extension of natural beauty in the form of waterfalls, canyons, caves, rivers, flower gardens, or rice fields. Bali gives you complete visual pleasure with its beautiful topography.

                                                                     Adventure in Bali | Holidayhai Bali Tour

Goa Gajah is an enormous ancient cave which is famous among the tourists for its explicit display of carvings. Uluwatu beach in Baliis famous for surfing among the tourists, Tanah Lot is the distinct island temple located in water body which attracts the tourists for its exotic location. Bali tour package remains incomplete without taking the safari to the marine park.

Creative Affinity

The tourists can feel the vibe of ethnic cultural values in corners of this island. This land has evolved itself in the forms of artistic performance along with artwork like murals, or wood art at affordable prices. Balinese dance is one of most appreciated dance form in the world, for its artistic presentation along with ethnic attire attracts every tourist to go back to this land of mysticism.

                                                             Bali culture


Culinary art

Like other Asian countries, Bali has its own ecstasy in showing flavors. The cuisine becomes famous among the tourists due to use of traditional recipes for enhancing the taste. The tourists can experience this exotic taste both in premium restaurants as well as in streets of the islands.

The various tour packages of Bali also offer you some of the most famous culinary delights and the most exotic recipes on the menu list.

Themed dining

Whether it is inside a jungle, or in the ocean or a pirate ship, the themed bars and cafes are quite famous to visit for the tourist to have a completely different experience. Sitting on a pirate ship, or dining in a restaurant in front of crocodile, or lion

Unusual Festivals

The land is an amalgamation of traditional festivals along with ethnic cultural values has displayed a wide range of festivals in this mystic land like a monster parade or kissing in assemblage on the streets.

Practice of Yoga

TheBali holiday packages also offers yoga retreats as the country has some of the best wellness resorts people can come over to.                                                                 Yoga in Bali |Holidayhai Bali Tour

This travel to Bali can be an altogether different experience due to their exotic yoga sessionon with the view of the ocean, or traditional temple or lustrous greenery some yoga retreat centers in Bali which attracts the tourists for its exotic location as well as a retreat from city life. Some worth mentioning places are Soulshine Yoga Retreat, Uluwatu Yoga and Surf Retreat, Abing Terrace Yoga Retreat and many more...



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