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A major European city and the capital of France it is your straight gateway to the arts, fashion and everything stylish. The must visit tourist places in Paris are the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Seine River, Luxembourg Gardens, Notre Dame Cathedral.

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“Let's explore the timeless city and fall in love again”

Paris is the place of love, where anyone would love to visit. If couples are considered, then spending an eternity over here will be the best thing to do. The majestic architectures and the loving sceneriesin and around Paris make it one of the best honeymoon destinations in this world.

                                                                                         Eiffel Tower

                     Eiffel Tower | Holidayhai Paris tour

Eiffel Tower is the most fascinating architecture of Paris. One has to climb up 360 steps to reach the extreme top of the tower. People can reach the top of the tower and can get a mesmerizing view from above. For couples, there is nothing sweeter than the view of Paris from the top of this tower. There is an eye-catching dining place equipped with soft lighting and furnishing, which draws the attention of loving couples and the peaceful and wonderful sight, will make them feel heavenly.

                                                                                Temple of Love

                      Temple of Love | Holidayhai Paris Tour

The Temple of Love is one of the most romantic parts of the entire city. Couples from various parts of the world visit this serene place to celebrate love. According to certain ancient traditions, it is believed that if couples kiss each other at the center of the folly, it will strengthen their love 100 times more. As is tradition, couples do not miss this chance.

                                                                                  Luxembourg Gardens


                          Luxembourg Gardens | Holidayhai Tour For Paris

The Luxembourg Gardens are across 25 hectares, situated in the heart of the timeless city. This place is decorated with millions of fountains, flowers, and statues and thus this seems to be the perfect place for romance. Couples can walk hand-in-hand along the velvety grass for long periods and can enjoy the sweet breeze; completely filled with the scent of the newly blossoming flowers.

                                                                         Notre Dame De Paris

                        Notre Dame De Paris | Holidayhai Paris Tour

Notre Dame De Paris is a French term for the Lady of Paris. It is one of the best structures among the French architectures and it is the world’s famous church. Couples must visit this place to pray for their well-being and long life and long-lasting relationship with each other. The view of this church during night time is hard to resist and is incredibly impressive. One will definitely fall in love at once by visiting the interior of the church.


Do you want a perfect destination for your romantic honeymoon? Then, choose our international honeymoon package for Paris and create unforgettable memories

Super saver Honeymoon package:




The standard price for 10 days 9 nights visit in Paris includes

  • Flight

  • Accommodation facility in 3-star hotels in the suitable destination of choice.

  • The cost of this package is € 1000 for a couple.


The price charged for 10 days and 9 nights, to visit and explore the city of love includes

  • Flight

  • Accommodation in 4-star hotels.

  • Food (one time meal) and beverages.

  • The cost of this package is € 2500 for a couple.

The price charged for 10 days and 9 nights to visit in Paris and create unforgettable memories includes

  • Flight of both visit and return.

  • Accommodation facility in top 5-star rated hotels near Eiffel Tower and other top destinations.

  • Food (three-time meal facility) and beverages.

  • The cost of this package is € 4200 for a couple.


                                                                                Table 1: Honeymoon package for Paris

The climate of Paris:

December to February

During these three months of December, January and February, the temperature of this place are average and quite low. The weather becomes cloudy and rainy as and when Atlantic currents prevail. In Paris, the temperature sometimes falls to about -10 degree Celsius.

June to August

During the months of June, July, and August, the weather is pleasant and warm. As the days are very long, people can enjoy the entire day, visiting all the serene and loving destinations of the City of Love. Though thunderstorms can occur during evening times of these days, the climate is overall suitable in this period.

March to May

The entire period of March, April and May is said to be the spring season, experienced by7 the place. The temperature during this time is satisfactory and pleasant and this is one of the best seasons to visit Paris and enjoy the essence of this place to the fullest. During this time, days are pleasant and nights are cool and thus it is the perfect time of the year for couples to enjoy each corner and taste the lovely cuisines of Paris and utilize their time fully.

Culture of Paris

French language

One of the most protected elements of Paris is the French language. Though the language seems to be critical, The French language is the second most used and learned language in this world.

French Cuisine

Wine and Food are the central and integral part of life according to French culture. They have a delightful cooking style, which includes classic French dishes such as beef stew braised with red wine, chicken made with Burgundy wine and all such delicious dishes.


Paris is said to be the home to many high-end fashion houses. French people love sophisticated fashionable dresses.



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