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The mesmerizing island city-state is sure to enchant you when you visit this amazing place. A potpourri of different cultures, it has a lot to offer right from the choicest street food to the breathtaking tourist attractions and of course, shopping. Some of the must visit places are the Marina Bay Sands, Sentosa, Universal Studios, the Singapore Zoo.

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For last few decades, Singapore has been in the bucket list of the travel enthusiasts. It is the land of a blend of the architecture of contemporary art as well as ethnic architecture. This is the land where people from different ethnicities coming together. The island shows coming together of technology and natural beauty. HolidayHai has arranged Best Tour Package for Singapore

Contemporary Architecture -

Whether it is the colonial remnants, skyscrapers, temples, shop houses, the island shows blend of modernity with the antique historical architecture. It is the land for those art-deco lovers, shows the creative high rise. Shopping in Orchard Road, or contemporary condominiums all give a visual treat to all the architecture lovers.      

                                                              Dreamcity Singapore | Holidayhai Singapore Tour

                                                                                        Dreamcity Singapore 

Major attractions -

Haw Par Villa and the Gardens by the Bay, which gives thetravel enthusiast a futurist ambiance. Gardens by the Bay will take you to a futuristic world around thousands of flora and fauna. Similarly, Haw Par Villa gives amusement to the tourist with its beautiful sculptures retelling the narratives of Chinese mythology. Singapore Zoo | Major Attraction in Singapore | Holidayhai

Singapore Zoo has been designed to give habitat to the thousands of endangered species where the tourists can interact with these species without any barrier. The natural beauty of the island attracts the tourists to this exotic destination. If this is a family vacation, then this is the ideal fun place for your children. Universal Studios iFly, Marina Barrage Water Playground will give them a lifetime experience.  

Natural beauty: City in a Garden is the other name for the Islanddue to the stretch of lush greenery. If you want to go away from the crowd of the city, the island will reconnect you with the beauty of nature. These natural resources attract your explorer mind.                                                                                                                                            Singapore Zoo

Extreme Sports-

If you are an adventure lover, the island will let you lose free in such natural vegetation. The thrill of bungee jumping or hiking the island will never let you down with its innovative adventure sports. The tourists can encounter wide rush in the karting track or in the rugby match, so this enthralls your attention for the beautiful island. Singapore Island | Holidayhai Singapore package

Art and Culture -

Theislandshows the blend of people coming together across the world, with different linguistic and cultural values. This amalgamation has been exposed in the streets of Singaporethroughbeautiful churches, synagogues, Buddhist temples, or Hindu temples. So the island celebrates festivals of all kinds being inclusive in nature. Three main communities are staying in the island since ages are Malays, Indians, and Chinese. Their settlement has been one of the major attractions like the tourist spots. Kampong and Katong are the places to wander, for the street side eateries or cheap shopping purposes. 
If you are aesthete about art, then wander through Civic District or National Museum of Singapore, you will experience a visual pleasure. Theisland shows an open space for theatre performance, sculptures, art exhibition. The city leaves its remarkable artistic fragments in all forms of installations, art fairs or in a gallery exhibition. It is the land of multicultural people.  

Experiments with Tastebuds -

If you are traveling in the month of July, you will definitely witness the great food festival in Singapore. Whether you are strolling in hawker centers or fine dining restaurant you will experience the food of all quality of different flavors. Whether it is Hainanese Chicken rice, or Kaya toast, wanton, laksa, dim sum, or bak kutteh, you can experiment with your taste buds with varieties of south-east Asian cuisines.

                                                  Delicious Food In Singapore | Holidayhai Singapore tour

                                                                               Delicious Food In Singapore

City life -

The city is well connected with the transport system like a bus, tube rail, and mass rapid transit. Even in aforeign land, you will proper transport system for traveling around the city. The residents of the island have utilized even sharing bike services. Tourist can experience the nightlife in an exotic manner on this island. City shows numerousEDM and musical festivals. If you are a free-spirited person the island gives you an opportunity to be the free soul. 

                                                  City Pride Singapore | Holidayhai Singapore tour

                                                                                                City Pride



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