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A vibrant coastal city situated in Bangkok, it is your gateway to fun and frolic. The beach city is constantly brimming with life whether it is day or night and there won't be a single moment where you will feel dull here. Want to loosen up a bit and get going? So get your beachwear out and head to Pattaya!

                                      Bangkok Pattaya Tour

Tourism in Pattaya - 

Pattaya is one of the most traveled places as the city provides everything that a traveler needs.Beaches in Pattaya are continuously overflowing with life from first light to the end of the day. In that time, the sun worshippers and water sports lovers spend their times on the beaches. After the sunset, the activities are shifted to the roads on Pattaya because the travelers wish to explore the nightlife scenes by enjoying different pool parties andbeach parties.

Pattaya has been very successful in drawing the attention of the tourists with its historical places, beautiful beaches,eco-attractions and its warm-welcoming hospitality. Besides the nightlife and water sports, Pattaya also provides endless features (e.g. entertainments and accommodations). Therefore, it creates a massive and wide opportunity for the travel and tourism business to grow more in an effective manner.

Destination Details -

From Bangkok, Pattaya is located just 148 km away and can be considered as the closest beach resort in Thailand. The government takes an effective care in order to provide sufficient accommodations and facilities to the tourists and influence the hotels available in Pattaya to provide better services to their customers so that it can also help the government to generate more revenue. In order to stay in this famous place, there are several renowned hotels such as;


                   Most Popular Hotels                             Rating
LK The Empress Pattaya                           4.4 / 5
Cape Dara Resort                           4.3 / 5
Hilton Pattaya                           4.4 / 5
Zing Resort                           4.2 / 5
Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya                           4.4 / 5

                                                                                     Table 1: Hotel details in Pattaya

Due to the excellent quality of offerings, this place gains the traveler’s attraction very easily and as the hotels provide the facility to their clients to take a tour on 4 different famous spots by car in free of cost, the tourists become very interested to stay in these hotels for 3-4 days at least.

In case of famous destinations in Pattaya, the following can be taken into account

Prasat Sut Ja-Tum -

This place is considered as the “sanctuary of truth” that is basically a temple ofLord Buddha and constructed of wood. This temple is approximate 106 meters high and the colossal structure if this temple draws the attraction of the tourists mostly. Tourists are mostly attracted to this temple due to its ancient culture, ideology, and art.

                         Prasat Sut Ja-Tum | Holidayhai Pattaya Tour

Buddha Mountain Chi -

This place is located almost 20 minutes away from the main city of Pattaya.“Khao Chee Chan”, which is a 150 meters high mountain is known as Buddha Mountain in this place and included the largest Buddha image. The extent of this image is engraved over the hill that is basically awe-inspiring.

                     Buddha Mountain Chi

Underwater world -

This place is the most recent and popular place of Pattaya, which is located under the ocean. This place is of 100-meter length and 6.4 cm thick, which is known as “Plexiglass pedestrian tunnel” and established in such a way that the travelers can enjoy the marine lifestyle. There are more than 4000 water animals available inside this aquarium and draws the attraction of the kids and families mostly.

                     Underwater world | Holidayhai Pattaya Tour

The hotels also provide various tour packages to the tourists so that they can also utilize the facilities of the hotels in an effective manner. Some of the famous tour packages of Pattaya are; “Tiffany’s Cabaret Show With VIP Seating”, “NongNooch Tropical Garden Half-day Tour”, “Ko-Samer Island Full-Day excursion” and others.

From Bangkok, Pattaya is located just 148 km away and can be considered as the closest beach resort in Thailand. The government takes an effective care in order to provide sufficient accommodations and facilities to the tourists and influence the hotels available in Pattaya to provide better services to their customers so that it can also help the government to generate more revenue.

The main attraction of this place is to explore variousbeachesin the “Gulf of Thailand”.The most famous beach enjoying water sports and seaside massages are Jomtien Beach. The outlook of the place is very attractive due to the placement of “The giant Buddha of Wat Khao Phra Bat” in the center of the place, which seems like the statue is watching over the entire place. On the other hand, the “Wooden Wang Boran Sanctuary of Truth” also draws the attraction of the travelers in an effective manner, especially to the Hindus and Buddhists as this place is decorated with Buddhists and Hindus’ architecture along with art. The bars, pubs, and nightclubs of this place also draw the attention of the adults in an effective manner.

                         airport of pataya | Holidayhai Pattaya Tour

Over the years, the most popular beach resort town of Thailand, Pattaya maintain a colorful reputation successfully. This place had drawn the expats and tourists from across the globe as the US soldiers had discovered the “once-sleepy gateway” in the time of Vietnam war. From that time, the profile of Pattaya was increased in an effective manner across the globe as well as it became one of the most popular beach resorts in Southeast Asia. In order to gain the attraction of the tourists and families, the government also took a crucial part. This place is also famous for its popular kid-attraction places such as the aquarium and water parks. For the adults, this place also includes Walking Street, which is one of the most entertainment hubs inside the place.  

Destination Background

There are multiple ways in order to get toPattaya, which is connected to highway 3 and highway 7. From Bangkok Bus terminal (Ekamai), it takes near about 2 hours to reach Pattaya and if anybody wants to travel by air, then they can take flight from “Suvarnabhumi International Airport” to the “U-Tapao Airport”. As discussed above that it takes near about 2 hours to reach Pattaya if the traffic is not high enough. The travel agencies of Pattaya also provide the facility to use mini-van transportation system for communication through Khao San Road. On the other hand, another facility that the travelers can utilize is “door to door” option that is communicating via taxi. The traveling packages provided by HolidayHai for Pattaya is inclusive of Transfer, Safari, and Accommodation.

Attractive places in the destination

Over years, Pattaya has developed a huge reputation and has become a famous beach resort town of Thailand. Pattaya is one of the most convenient places to visit at any time and visitors can enjoy the essence of sun, sea, and sand altogether. All the top attractions in and around the destination are listed hereafter.

                                                                              Jomtien Beach

                                                  Jomtien Beach | Holidayhai pattaya Tour

The Jomtien Beach is trenched for about 6 km. Visitors are able to sunbathe along the golden shores and they can enjoy this serene place. The beach provides water loversto enjoy various types of activities such as windsurfing, parasailing, kite surfing and jet-skiing. A huge number of cafes and restaurants are located along the beach area, for the refreshment purpose of visitors. Cartoon Network Amazone, which is a water park, is situated right near the beach. The water park consists of splashing fountains and is equipped with cartoon-themed rides and sprawling pools.

                                                                    Big Buddha (Wat Phra Yai)

                                           Big Buddha Golden Statue | Holidayhai Pattaya Tour

Big Buddha is a golden statue ofLord Buddha, which is an 18-meter-tall statue. The statue is situatedsouth of Pattaya, on the top of wooden Pratamanak Hill. Visitors need to climb steep stairs to reach the place. The stairs are designed with golden Naga snakes on both sides of it. People will be mesmerized to see the statue from the top and closer view, where they can notice several smaller Buddha’s surrounding the tall stature. Most of the outdoor visitors and local people come to this place to pray for happiness, good health, and prosperity. If someone is unable to climb the stairs to get this beautiful view, he or she can take a cab and reach the top to enjoy the view.

Art in Paradise

The Art in Paradise is an illusionary art museum, which is situated in Bang Lamun, Pattaya. The museum is themed with classic arts, which includes Egypt, Safari, the world underwater, dinosaurs and several different fantasy world. If one touches a rhino, or tickle belly of a whale, the artworks make movements and people are able to capture those moments and share with friends and family later. This is one of the best places to create a vacation photo collection.

                                                                                   Mini Siam

                                           Mini Siam | Holidayhai Tour For Pattaya

Mini Siam is one of the best ways to see the Wonders of Thailand, located in Pattaya City. The place displays models of various famous international sites, which includes: Wat Run (also named as the Temple of Dawn), Tower Bridge of London, Statue of Liberty of New York, Bangkok’s Victory Monument, The Opera House of Sydney and few more. Visitors will enjoy seeing all famous structures integrated into one place. People have to do booking to visit this place at least one to two days in advance.

                                                                           Koh Larn (Coral Island)

                                                Koh Larn (Coral Island) | Holidayhai Pattaya Tour

This coral island is located a half an hour to 45 minutes speedboat ride from Pattaya. It is the most peaceful escape from the tourist-crowded city of Pattaya. White sand beaches are stretched all over the island. Tourists can avail food and restroom facilities in this location. Some of the most popular recreational activities such as banana boat rides, parasailing, underwater sea walking can be enjoyed by visitors. People can even rent motorbikes for sightseeing purpose.

Best time to visit Pattaya

A breakdown of climate conditions has been provided so that people can plan their visit to this attractive tourist destination accordingly. Alike most of the places in Thailand, Pattaya experiences a tropical climate and tourists visit this location almost throughout the entire year.

November to February:

November to February is one of the best time to visit Pattaya. During this time of the year, the weather of the destination is neither too hot nor too cold. The climate remains pleasant and perfect all throughout these four months. During this time, most of the beaches, other tourist attractions, and the resorts remain full of visitors. Visitors can also experience short spells of rain during this time and they can enjoy the weather extremely. Visitors have to keep in mind about this peak season and they have to do their bookings in advance.

March to May:

Usually during the months of March, April and May, the weather becomes hot and humid. In spite of the hot weather, the number of tourists does not go down during this time but the number of visitors is less as compared to that of the peak season.

June to October:

Heavy rainfall is experienced by Pattaya during June, July, August, September, and October. If someone wants to enjoy Pattaya at its quiet best, then they must the destination during these months of the year. As the temperature is not too high and Pattaya experiences rainfall almost throughout the day, the beaches tend to become less crowded and thus the places seem to be perfect for those, who want to enjoy the beautiful essence of this place quietly. The prices for accommodation during this time is less as compared to all other months, and thus visitors prefer to visit Pattaya during this time.

Pattaya Travel Packages

Several tours and travel packages are provided by tour operators like HolidayHai for Pattaya Tourism. Some of those packages are mentioned below:

Super saver Holiday Package:





The standard price for 5 days 4 nights visit in Pattaya including

  • Flight

  • Accommodation facility in 2 to 3-star hotels

  • The package costs 1000$ per person

The standard price charged for 5 days and 4 nights to explore the location is 1500$ per head, which includes:

  • Flight

  • Accommodation in 4-star hotels along with food and beverages


The standard price for 5 days and 4 nights to visit and explore Pattaya is 3200$ for two person, which includes:

  • Flight

  • cab facility for sight-seeing

  • Food and beverages

  • Accommodation in 5-star hotels

                                                                      Table 2: Tour Package details in Pattaya


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