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Want to experience the beauty of the skyscrapers? Or fancy having a desert safari? Or is it gold shopping for you. You name it and Dubai has it. Situated in the Middle Eastern metropolis, Dubai is just the place for you to experience modern architecture, fine dining along with being a shopper's paradise.

                           Dazzling Dubai Tour Packages

If you are worried about how to visit Dubai, then let us help you with our services for transport. Holiday Hai offers coaches and air transport facility to visit Dubai. If you are pondering about what to do in Dubai, then you have many options to opt for based on pleasure seeking experience, having an adventure in the lands of Emirates or have luxurious shopping in best-known malls.

Dubai, being situated on thePersian Gulf coast gives a mesmerizing and cool experience of the Arabian Gulf. Dubai shares its borders with Abu Dhabi in the south, Sharjah in northeast and Oman in the southeast. When there is a plan where you are hoping to enjoy your holidays in the land of kings then make sure, you plan your visit to Dubai. Dubai will give you the opportunity to view the natural beauty and experience the winds of the desert, and then Dubai is one of the most exciting tourist destinations to spend a couple of days. We would recommend the visitors that they do not miss the nightclubs, as it will give you goosebumps and a lively spirit ending up with the cool weather of the dawn.
In UAE, Dubai was ranked as the second largest emirates with well-developed infrastructure. Dubai has proved to be over the year’s one of the best place for urban tourism attracting not only leisure class but also business travelers. The centers of attractions in Dubai are as Bastakiya, Grand Mosque, Burj Nahar and many others.

Best Nightclubs in Dubai

The clubs located in Dubai like Cavallies club, VIP Room, Blue Marlin Ibiza have been the center of visits for many tourists to enjoy the atmosphere of Dubai. The nightclubs have made it mandatory for the visitors to have a passport as proof for consuming alcohol. It is interesting to note that the clubs have made special days for “ladies night out” on Tuesday and Wednesday, offering free drinks. Nightlife has offered many kinds of entertainments like enjoying peppy music, freedom of enjoying own space and moving steps or relaxing in the morning, thereby offering a break to the daily schedules of the residents and attracting visitors. If you are interested to make a visit to the nightclub, make sure you step into Nasimi Beach, Trilogy, Club 360, Barasti and many others but this clubs holds DJ nights.
Nasimi Beach is located in mid of the sea in the outskirts of Dubai, thereby offering an experience of nightlife in an artificial beach. Tourists can enjoy their days out on the beach having a sunbath and enjoying the cool and pounding tunes played in the early morning.

                                                Nassimi beach | Dubai | Holidayhai Tour Package

                                                                                              Nasimi Beach

Club 360 is one of the most renowned nightclubs where other clubs can hardly compete with this specific club. The nights of 360 are well packed with DJs playing some peppy music and taking the visitors and the residents to a new world. 
Barasti is the only nightclub where you can enjoy the party and hassle-free life without thinking of the dress code. The club is located in the Le Meridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort. This club will give you the views of the Arabian sea at one level and the skyline being towered in great height on another level. If you prefer to relax then you can drop down to the ground level. Therefore, when the idea generates in you want to groove yourself with the music then the lower level is best suited for you. This nightclub gives the opportunity to dance bare feet and enjoy the night.

Centre of Attractions

If you have landed in Dubai, you cannot miss thesecenters of attractionsdefinitely. Dubai has modified the transport facilities to interconnect with many parts of the countries to expand their business and operations including trade and other purposes. Holiday Hai will provide with an ease of transportation catering to the various requirements of the customers.

Burj Khalifa –

In Dubai, the Burj Khalifa has been consisting of 163 floors with 828 m in height, thereby engraving the site in the history of Emirates.

                                                                Burj Khalifa | Dubai | Holidayhai tour for Dubai

                                                                                               Burj Khalifa

Al Ghusais, Al Sufooh -

In reference to archaeological sites, the attractions are at Al Ghusais, Jumeirah, and Al Sufooh. Al Ghusais and Al Sufooh are structured 2000 years backs and famous as graveyards. 


It has served to be one of the buildings with tall wind towers giving a glimpse of old Dubai. The Al Fahidi represents historic buildings, where you can make a visit, which closes at 6 PM in the evening. To experience the historic site, Bastakiya has been well recommended by many tourist guides. You can have a visit to theArabian Tea House, Majlis Gallery, Ostra located in the Al Fahidi Fort.

Grand Mosque -

The Grand Mosque placed in Bur Dubai side is considered as the tallest minaret and center of attraction. This center of attractions is situated in the capital city and is considered the largest mosque in the country. The crowded day is Friday when the Eid prayers and Friday gatherings are conducted.

Burj Nahar -

One of the interesting centers is the Burj Nahar, which is a tower serving the purpose of one of the watchtowers defending and looking after old city. 

Dubai Museum-

The museum housing the Al Fahidi Fort has been another building mostly visited by the tourists and travelers. The museum has served three purposes at one time like that of garrison, prison, and palace. The museum has embraced the crafts relating to history giving the opportunity to the potters to show their crafts.

Gold and Spice Souks -

Being located in the south bank in Sierra, one can experience the glitz and glamour from the Gold Souk. It is a pleasure-loving spot for women, where there is a grand collection of jewelry crafted with gold. The souks also have options for platinum, silver, and diamond offering a guaranteed product.

                                                   Gold and Spice souks | Holidayhai Dubai tour Package

                                                                         Gold and Spice souks

Apart from being a business-oriented state, Dubai has served to be the tourist spots for families even. 

Dubai zoo-

Dubai zoo has been a popular attraction for families. The Dubai Safari park has a list of 2500 animals from different species.
The Dubai shopping festival has been known across the world attracting many travelers from different cultures. To attract customers, the government of Dubai has also taken the initiative to launch summer surprise to welcome visitors in the month of summer. From the perspective of attraction centers, the infrastructure of the country is developed in a way to be termed as a land of natural beauty. The festival is famous for providing a break for the visitors by giving special discounts in summer.

                                                            Shopping Festival In Dubai | Holidayhai Tour Package

                                                                                          Dubai shopping festival

Best season to explore Dubai  –

Make your trip with Holiday Hai with exciting offers in the month of November, enjoying the cool weather and the blue skies. Holiday Hai has been a well-recognized travel and tourism companyoffering the customers with various packages including the period of stay. There are other travel agencies responsible for making the stay of the visitors comfortable and encouraging them to re-visit the land of Emirates again. Travel packages offer sightseeing, dining facilities and making a comfortable stay for a period. Weather-wise, the appropriate time to visit Dubai is from the November to March. The advantage of this months is to visualize the blue skies and relaxable weather of the beach as sightseeing. To enjoy the beach scene, the Jumeirah Beach has contributed to the revenue of the country. As observed Dubai mainly experience hot and hotter weather but it is recommendable to view the skies in winter. The peak season generates a lot of revenue in the seasons of winter. The months of November to march has been considered remarkable seasons for visitors. The seasons of winter has attracted many visitors to the place and positively influenced the travel and tourism companies.

Al Marmoom Heritage Festival –

Travelers and visitors make their visit to Dubai mainly in the winter because of this festival. The festival is dedicated to the heritage of camel and is held between March and April. This festival will give you an experience of the lifestyles of the Emirates. Traditional foods are prepared in the festival giving the visitors a taste of the country.

Dubai Shopping Festival –

Holiday Hai has many packages including this shopping festival. Once you avail for the package, no need to worry about the expenses made. Discounts are made on various purchases, which will also save your pocket to an extent.
Visit Dubai will let you hover through many attractive places and do many adventuring activities.

Skydiving -

If you are an adventure-loving person or planning to have an adventure with your family, do not worry as Holiday Hai will organize everything for your family. To view the luxury hotels, tallest buildings touching the skyline and the sand islands, skydiving will give an opportunity to speed up in the air and view the exciting landscape in one glimpse.  

                                                             Skydiving in Dubai | Holidayhai tour package

                                                                                         Skydiving in Dubai

Mountain Biking –

If you are of the impression that Dubai island of soft dunes, then you are wrong. The mountains will give you a thrilling mountain biking experience. The bikers can take a journey from the Hajar Mountains passing through Oman and Ras-al-Khaimah.

Desert Camping –

If you want to relax yourself along with your family then desert, camping is waiting for you in the deserts of Dubai. Shoaib has been a good spot for camping enjoying the star-rich sky of night. Worrying about the equipment required for camping, leave it and let us assist you. Companies like Arabian Adventures area have associated with us in partnership to offer the equipment.

Shopping malls in Dubai – 

Dubai Mall- This mall is mostly visited by the tourists and is considered as one of the leisure destination attracting many customers every year.
Wafi -This mall includes a complex of residencies, mall, restaurants, hotels, and nightclub under one roof. The theme used in the mall represents ancient Egypt.
Dubai Mall – Dubai mall is one of the largest malls and has a collection of 1200 stores, where you can hang around and shop according to your requirements. 

              The locations to stay in Dubai and the major center of attractions

The Travel and tourism department, Holiday Hai has focused on major areas providing the customers and the visitors with a wide range of options to have their stays in best hotels. Some of the major hotels in Dubai are Dubai short stay, My Dubai Stay Holiday Apartments and Villas and many others.  When the questions come to stay, Holiday Hai offers hotels within budget. Some of the staging sites are:
Citymax Al Barsha- This hotel provides you with the facilities of having a luxurious stay in Dubai within budget. The rooms consist of international TV channels, wifi- connections and better cleaning services.
Royal Mirage – This hotel is mainly favored by the luxury-favored customers, as the budget is high. Many celebrities have increased the reputation of the hotel like David Beckham and Michael Jackson. This hotel will give the experience of palm trees and take a walk in the garden. The hotel is mainly located in the white beachside cabanas.

                                                            Royal Mirag | Dubai | Holidayhai

                                                                                               Royal Mirage

Depending on the packages, Holiday Hai offers a wide range of pricing for various kinds of customers. Different customers prefer different ranges of hotels including three stars or five stars. The three stars hotels in Dubai are City Star Hotel, Arabian Park hotel, Premier Inn, and many others offering a range of prices between dirham 2000 – 4000. Five-star hotels like Oberoi Dubai, Grand Hyatt Dubai, and Shangri-la Hotel, which has a price ranging above 5000 dirhams. Depending on the customers’ purpose of stay, Holiday Hai in the websites gives an option for the guest to choose the kind of hotels for staying. 


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